donde comprar jamon iberico en Barcelona

Where to buy Iberian ham in Barcelona?

If you find yourself in the city of Barcelona and are trying to figure out where to buy Iberian ham in Barcelona, you have nothing to worry about. Iberian ham is one of the most delicious and typical delicacies of Spanish cuisine, and therefore, there is a sales point in practically every corner of the country.

Here are all the options you can choose from if you are in Barcelona!

Iberian Ham in Barcelona at Specialized Stores

Iberian ham is an exquisite product that can be found in any supermarket. However, it's easy to be deceived, so the best option to ensure that what we buy is of top quality is to visit a trusted store.

At Enrique Tomás, a ham company with over forty years of experience, we know that a customer is not just someone who buys but someone who comes back, and that's why we only offer cured ham obtained from authentic, well-cared-for Iberian pigs, paying attention to every detail. That's how we ensure that the final product is so good that you'll want to repeat it for sure.

In any of our stores scattered throughout the city, you'll be able to find both sliced ham and whole pieces, and there's one in every neighborhood of Barcelona.

If you're in the city center, you can visit our stores located at:

    • C/ Pi, 3 local 2. 08002 Barcelona
    • C/ Diagonal, 520. 08006 Barcelona
    • C/ Ferràn, 55 - Plaça Sant Jaume. 08002 Barcelona
    • C/ Pelai, 18. 08001 Barcelona

In addition to these, you can also find us in three shopping centers:

    • CC Las Glorias. Avinguda Diagonal, 208. 08018 Barcelona
    • CC Las Arenas. Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 373-385. 08015 Barcelona
    • CC Maremagnum. C/Muelle de España, 5, PL 0, Local C5. 08039 Barcelona

And at various metro stations:

    • Metro L5 Diagonal. 08006 Barcelona
    • Metro L3 Diagonal. 08006 Barcelona


Furthermore, we have a store in practically every different district of the city, such as Sagrada Familia (Calle Marina, 261. 08025 Barcelona), Hospital Clínic (C/ Villarroel, 173 08036 Barcelona), Poble Nou (Rambla Poblenou, 36. 08005 Barcelona), or the Gràcia neighborhood (Diagonal, 372. 08013 Barcelona), among others.

If you want to locate the nearest Enrique Tomás store to your address, use our store locator with your postal code, where you can also leave a review and comment on your experience when buying Iberian ham.


Enrique Tomás Store Locator Enrique Tomás Store Locator


Iberian Ham in Barcelona at Gourmet Supermarkets

As mentioned earlier, the best option you can choose is to buy ham at a specialized store. However, if for some reason you decide to visit a gourmet supermarket, pay attention to these two aspects:


  1. When choosing your sliced packs, it's advisable to first look at the shape of the slices. If they are all exactly the same, be suspicious. Companies that sell ham this way, with slices of perfect dimensions for sandwiches, mold and freeze multiple pieces together to be able to cut and package it later in this form. As a result, all the aromas and nuances of the Iberian ham are lost, so you won't fully enjoy its flavor.
  2. Pay attention to the labeling. Since the Spanish labeling regulation for Iberian ham was approved on January 10, 2014, all Iberian ham products sold must indicate whether they are 100% acorn-fed Iberian, acorn-fed Iberian, grain-fed Iberian, or field-fed Iberian.


Finally, if you want to have your ham at home without having to leave your sofa, no problem. Thanks to our website, you can buy ham online and all the Iberian products you're looking for are just a click away. Our products, whether online or in-store, have undergone the triple selection process that guarantees quality, so you can rest assured!

The ham that will arrive at your door is top-notch!

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