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With what to accompany Serrano ham Ideas for summer!

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Summer is approaching, but even though serrano ham is enjoyed year-round, it's always good to have some ideas on hand for organizing a snack table when the heat is on.

That said, in our recommendations, ham will not be missing, and in fact, it will be the star of the show. So stop wondering what to pair with serrano ham and take note of Enrique Tomás' tips... Let's get to it!


How to pair serrano ham

Almost every household in the Iberian Peninsula has a good leg of ham, or at least a few slices in the fridge. While there's never a need for excuses to indulge in a slice, sometimes you might wonder what to pair with serrano ham.

Well, the most important thing is that the ham is good because if it isn't, it doesn't matter what you serve it with. That's why at Enrique Tomás, we have a motto that goes, "The best ham isn't the most expensive, but the one you like the most," and when it comes to preferences, there are plenty of them, and types of ham!


On a plate

If you want to savor the nuanced flavors of ham, the ideal way is to serve slices of serrano ham on a flat plate. It doesn't matter how you arrange them, but if you want an attractive presentation, the right way is to place a few slices that don't overlap on a solid-colored plate, preferably white to make the cured ham's color stand out.


With fruit

A summer classic is melon with ham as an appetizer. But aside from making creative skewers, you can also prepare cold soups with ham shavings on top or even mix pineapple and ham or avocado and ham.

A refreshing and delicious combination.

Recipes with Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham


Bread and beer

Sometimes, the simplest combinations are the best. In the case of serrano ham, pairing it with a cold beer and some picos sevillanos (Spanish breadsticks) will be a sure hit, especially on hot summer afternoons.


Ham salt

The ham salt recipe has become very famous. It's not salt, but rather a kind of ham powder that you can use to give a different touch to many traditional dishes.

Use it in all kinds of fresh salads, tapas, and soups!


What to Pair with Serrano Ham - Summer Ideas!Enrique Tomás' Gran Reserva Ham with Avocado Sandwich


Where to Buy Gran Reserva Ham

Whether it's summer or winter, it's always important to know what to look for when buying ham. First, always go to a trusted or specialized store like Enrique Tomás, where they can answer your questions, let you taste the ham before buying it, and give you the guarantee that you can return it if something goes wrong with the piece.

As for the cut, this is a very personal decision, and although we, as good charcutiers, always prefer the knife-cut ham, machine-cut ham will not lose its properties or flavor. So, buy the ham you like the most and that fits your budget.

If you're going to buy serrano ham, remember that you can also get excellent pieces of Paletas (front legs) and Gran Reserva Ham in all our stores. You can not only get a whole piece but also ham in various formats: sliced, in shavings, cubes, or in packs.

Now all that's left is to go shopping and decide what to pair with serrano ham for your next gathering. Will fruit win, or will beer be enough?

Remember, the most important thing is that you always enjoy it!

1 comment


Hola, buenos tips, mucho agradecere me pudieran pasar recetas con los despuntes del jamon que quedan al final de cortar la pierna
Quedare muy agradecido

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