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Bellota 50% Iberian Ham Shoulder-Selection | Sliced Ready

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  • May contain traces of milk protein and soy protein.

We present you a very comfortable sliced ham shoulder with 1.7 kilos of sliced ham shoulder, from an iberian pig fed with acorns, a product with an intense flavour that will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy a wonderful Iberian ham shoulder with the comfort of having it sliced in individual sachets; it is ideal for a special gift and to taste the best ham with the security of paying just enough for the maximum performance of a ham piece.  It is machine cut by our experts.

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula

  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product

  • May contain traces of milk protein and soy protein.

  • Bellota 50% Iberian Ham Shoulder-Selection | Sliced Ready
    Paleta de Bellota 50% Ibérica - Selección | No te cortes Paleta Ibérica de Bellota 187.00


    What's included in this pack?

    If you like Iberico Bellota ham shoulder, this sliced ready ham shoulder will adapt to your tastes without problems. Made from a great piece of Enrique Tomás selection, this will help you make a gift or take it with you on a trip to wherever you want. This pack includes approx:

    15 sachets of sliced ham shoulder of 80g
    3 sachets of 80g ham cubes
    3 sachets of 100g ham shavings

    Paleta ibérica de Bellota

    At Enrique Tomás we invite you to enjoy one of the jewels of our gastronomy, the Paleta de Bellota Ibérica, a unique product that can only be made in the Iberian Peninsula, ideal for jamón lovers who want to taste a cured ham full of nuances.

    Elaborated with the front leg of Iberian pigs, our acorn-fed Iberian ham is an ideal product for the maximum enjoyment of the senses. Available only in the Iberian Peninsula, the pigs of this breed are fed with feed until they reach the first 100 kilos, then they are taken to the pasture to make the final fattening phase eating acorns, herbs and wild plants for 4 months.

    This breeding together with the genetic particularities of the animal, gives a unique flavor meat, with a shoulder whose fat has infiltrated the muscle resulting in a piece of veined, juicy and oily with a touch that is exquisite to the palate.

    Sliced ready Jamón

    Enrique Tomás' goal is to make people enjoy ham and if it is difficult for you to cut a whole piece at home, we have the solution. The sliced ready option, which guarantee the maximum performance of the piece you want to acquire. A practical and perfect format to give as a gift, take on a trip and have at home to consume at your own pace.

    Cutting jamón is an art, but if you don't master the technique follow our advice and enjoy the best jamón ibérico in the world with Enrique Tomas Travel Packs. Sachets of ham or sliced ham shoulder and of course, the famous ham cubes and shavings for tapas or to prepare the sandwiches of the children of the house. If your passion is to eat jamón and not cut it by hand, let our professionals take care of it.


    Nutritional Information (per 100g of product)

    • Energetic Value (KJ/kcal): 1837.49KJ / 452.04kcal
    • Fat: 38.28g
      • of which saturated fatty acids: 14.06g
    • Carbohydrates: 0.54g
      • of which sugars: 0.3g
    • Proteins: 26.35g
    • Salt: 4.05g

    Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism-Free)


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