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1/2 Gran Reserva Ham Shoulder - Boneless

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  • Gran Reserva

  • Food: Feed + Cereals

  • Cure +15 months

  • It does not contain ingredients that cause allergies.

Discover the excellence of the half piece of Boneless Gran Reserva Shoulder. This shoulder comes from white pigs, carefully raised and fed with natural feed, cereals, and herbs. Its slightly salty flavor is characteristic of Enrique Tomás' Gran Reserva products, which are positioned at the top tier of ham quality.

Enjoy the convenience and distinguished quality in every bite. Perfect for special moments or as a daily option that enhances your gastronomic experiences. Additionally, the boneless format facilitates storage and consumption, offering practicality without compromising the authenticity and freshness of each portion.

Each one weighs approximately between 0.85 and 0.95 kg net, although it's important to note that the final weight will vary depending on the specific size of the leg or shoulder from which it comes.

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula

  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product

1/2 Paleta Gran Reserva - Deshuesada - Enrique Tomás
1/2 Paleta Gran Reserva - Deshuesada - Enrique Tomás
1/2 Paleta Gran Reserva - Deshuesada - Enrique Tomás
1/2 Paleta Gran Reserva - Deshuesada - Enrique Tomás


Boneless Pieces

The Boneless Gran Reserva Shoulder pieces are ideal for convenient storage or vacuum packaging to extend their shelf life.

If you want a boneless or whole piece, at Enrique Tomás you can find it. Our catalog of boneless pieces consists of six half-pieces: Gran Reserva shoulder, Iberian bait or Iberian acorn-fed, and Gran Reserva ham, Iberian bait or Iberian acorn-fed.

Each one weighs approximately 0.85-0.95 kilograms net, although it is important to note that the weight will be greater or lesser depending on the size of the leg or shoulder from which it is obtained.

Product description:

  • Net Weight: 0.85-0.95 kg
  • Ideal for: Common uses, tapas, sandwiches, individual consumption, various culinary preparations, and any other relevant application.


Gran Reserva Ham Shoulder

The Boneless Gran Reserva Ham Shoulder from Enrique Tomás is a gourmet choice that combines the unmistakable quality of our Gran Reserva Shoulder with the practicality of a boneless format.

This boneless product is perfect for those moments when you want to enjoy the delicious experience of the Gran Reserva Ham Shoulder without committing to a whole piece.

The Gran Reserva Shoulder, the origin of this product, comes from the hind legs of white pigs of the breeds Duroc, Landrace, or Large White. These pigs, raised on farms and fed with natural feed, cereals, and herbs, offer a fine and exceptional flavor due to their larger size than Iberian pigs. With a curing process of at least 18 months, we guarantee a unique and distinctive taste in every bite. Whether you prefer the whole shoulder, sliced, or boneless, we strive to provide the highest quality products to satisfy your most demanding tastes.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in a dedicated curing process for each piece, ensuring the perfect taste that defines us. Perfect for daily consumption, non-Iberian shoulders present a mild aroma and an affordable price for every palate. Make this delicacy an essential part of your daily diet and be captivated by its exceptional taste!


Nutritional Information (per 100g of product)

  • Energy Value (KJ/kcal): 1481KJ / 357kcal
  • Fat: 29 g
    • of which saturated fatty acids: 10 g
  • Carbohydrates: 0 g
    • of which sugars: 0 g
  • Proteins: 24 g
  • Salt: 4.7 g

Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism Free)


["To preserve the organoleptic and microbiological qualities of the product, it is recommended to store it in refrigeration between 3°C - 8°C."]


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    Gran Reserva


    Food: Feed + Cereals


    Cure +15 months


    Boneless Piece




    It does not contain ingredients that cause allergies.