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Cebo de Campo 50% Iberian Ham | Ready Sliced

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  • It does not contain ingredients that cause allergies.

We present you a very convenient suitcase with almost 3 Kg of sliced jamón, from an Iberian Cebo de Campo Jamón, that will surprise you with its incredible flavour.

Enjoy a great piece of Jamón Cebo de Campo Ibérico with the convenience of having it sliced in individual vacuum sachets, ready to open and taste. Open the sachets as you like, make a special gift and get the most out of an Iberian ham with an unbeatable flavour.

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula

  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product

  • It does not contain ingredients that cause allergies.

  • Cebo de Campo 50% Iberian Ham | Ready Sliced
    Jamón de Cebo de Campo 50% Ibérico | No Te Cortes Jamón Ibérico de cebo de campo 331.00


    This sliced ready option includes approx:

    29 sachets of sliced ham of 80 g
    4 sachets of diced ham 80g
    4 sachets of Jamón shavings of 100g
    1 tray of bones

    Ready sliced Option

    Enrique Tomás' aim is for people to enjoy ham and if you find it difficult to cut a whole piece at home, we have the solution. The sliced ready which guarantee you the maximum yield of the piece you want to buy, you can choose if you do not want to cut it yourself. A practical and perfect format to give as a gift, to take on trips and to have at home to consume at your own pace.

    Cutting ham is an art, but if you do not master the technique, follow our advice and enjoy the best Iberian ham in the world with the Enrique Tomas no te cortes packs. Envelopes of sliced ham and shoulder ham, cubes and shavings for tapas and, of course, the chopped bones of the ham that we have prepared for you, so that you can make spectacular soups and stews.

    Cebo de Campo

    The Iberian pig is unique and as such, what we produce from it is nothing more than a variety of delicacies. In addition to being born in our wonderful Iberian Peninsula, these pigs have an exceptional characteristic: they are the only animals capable of infiltrating fat into the muscle, giving their meat an irresistible flavour and texture.

    When we talk about the characteristic "cebo de campo" we are talking directly about the pig's diet. All Iberian pigs are fed in the same way until they reach the first hundred kilograms of weight, first the mother's breast and then with feed, in general a basic diet for the animal to grow strong, muscular and with very resistant bones. To acquire the rest of the necessary weight, the animals are released in the field and it is there that our Iberian free-range pigs are fed freely on wild fruits, to finally move on to the last phase with more cereals.

    The term "campo" refers to this free-range phase, where the animal has been fed with acorns, wild fruits and whatever nature has given it in the pasture.

    The Enrique Tomás quality team has made a selection of the best Iberian paletas de cebo de campo that can be found in the world today.

    Feeding and curing

    Ham is an art and as such, we treat it with great care so that all our customers enjoy the magnificent experience of eating ham. So, we start with the mention that the "Jamón de Cebo de Campo" is made from Iberian pigs, unique animals in the world, which have the ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle. These pigs have been fed with feed, cereals and vitamins until they have reached 100 kilograms in weight, then they have been let loose in the countryside where they have been free to eat wild fruits, grass and the like. Finally, and this is where the main difference between 'cebo de campo' ham and the rest lies, as the fattening process is completed once again with feed and cereals.

    As far as curing is concerned, after a perfect cooking process, the pieces of cebo de campo ham are cured for a period of 24 months, so that when it reaches your table, you will enjoy a product with the best flavour, colour and texture. The quality of the raw material and the delicate treatment of the product, following each process to perfection, is what guarantees that all Enrique Tomás ham is the best.

    The quality team at Enrique Tomás has made a selection of the best Iberian hams that can be found in the world today. When you taste it, you will see its high degree of flavour and unctuousness.


    Nutritional Information (per 100g of product)

    • Energy Value (KJ/kcal): 1600KJ / 382kcal
    • Fats: 27.9g
      • of which saturated fatty acids: 11.96g
    • Carbohydrates: 1.1g
      • of which sugars: 0.8g
    • Proteins: 32.3g
    • Salt: 3.97g

    Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism-Free)


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