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Girolle for The Tête de Moine

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This product only contains the cutter, the cheese is not included. The ideal slicer for Tête de Moîne, and for making delicious cheese-shaped roses. If the Swiss Tête de Moine cheese is famous, the special cheese slicer known as Girolle is just as famous, if not more so! It is a simple cheese slicer that, thanks to its spiral scraping system, makes the typical cheese roses that are so characteristic of this well-known Swiss cheese.

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  • Girolle para Tête de Moine Accesorios de Corte 55.01
    Girolle para Tête de Moine Accesorios de Corte 55.01
    comprar Girolle para Tête de Moine
    Girolle para Tête de Moine Accesorios de Corte 55.01


    This item is sold without the cheese. It is only the Girolle.

    Curiosities of the Tête de Moine AOP

    • The designation of origin and the particular scraping that gives rise to the 'Tête de Moine rose flowers' are protected by law from imitation.
    • It is made from cow's milk grazed outdoors, the herbs and flowers that graze these animals is what gives it that special flavor and smell.
    • The literal translation of its name 'Tète de Moine' means 'Monk's head' and is due to the similarity of the scraping of the cheese with the haircut of the monks who produced it.
    • They were the monks themselves, trying not to notice the wear of the cheese in the assaults on the pantries, who discovered that scraping it acquired a better taste by contact with the air.
    • To enjoy the best taste of Tête de Moine there is a special slicer called Girolle. This professional machine makes it possible to make rose-shaped shavings by turning a blade that scrapes it around a shaft inserted in the centre of the cheese.



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