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Vertical tasting of ham: 3 qualities

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  • Bellota 100% iberische Rasse

  • Feeding: Feed + Cereals + Herbs + Wild Plants

  • Curation +18 months

  • May contain traces of milk protein and soy protein.

Explore the excellence of ham through a unique literary experience: the "Vertical Ham Tasting: 3 Qualities" by Enrique Tomás. This is not a typical gastronomic event; it is a journey that will delight all your senses. Inside, you will discover 3 packets of 80 grams each, filled with the distinguished quality of ham, prepared to enhance your knowledge and satisfy your palate. This exclusive tasting will guide you through three exciting ham qualities: Gran Reserva, Cebo de Campo, and Pata Negra, providing a complete journey to explore the intricacies of each variety and allowing you to determine your favorite.

The culinary experience has no language barriers, so this gastronomic event is available in various languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Chinese. Get ready for a unique sensory journey that will awaken your palate and enrich your appreciation for the authentic tradition of ham!

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula

  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product

Cata vertical: 3 calidades Pack 29.95


Vertical Ham Tasting: 3 Qualities

Discover the richness and diversity of three fascinating ham qualities through our exclusive Vertical Ham Tasting. A unique experience that invites you to explore the subtleties and nuances of these carefully selected delicacies:

  • 1 Reserva Ham Packet - 80g
  • 1 Field-Fed Iberian Ham Packet 50% - 80g
  • 1 Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Ham Packet - 80g

Reserva Ham 

Explore the excellence of our Reserva Ham, the only one from white pigs, with a curing process of almost 20 months that guarantees a unique experience with every bite.

On this exciting sensory journey, we invite you to discover the excellence of white breed pigs, meticulously selected and subjected to controlled feeding to offer an unsurpassed flavor. This product stands out for the careful fattening process we subject our pigs to and the rich tradition passed down through generations of master ham artisans, achieving a true delight. 

From the choice of raw materials to the final presentation, every detail is carefully attended to ensure a unique gastronomic experience. We guarantee that every bite of our Reserva Ham will be a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary. 

  • Ideal for: Common uses, tapas, sandwiches, individual consumption, various culinary preparations, and any other relevant application. 


Field-Fed Iberian Ham 50%

We consider ham to be an art, and at Enrique Tomás, we treat it with care so that every customer can enjoy the magnificent experience of savoring authentic ham. We start by highlighting that our Field-Fed Ham comes from Iberian pigs, unique animals in the world that have the ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle.

These pigs are fed a balanced diet of feed, cereals, and vitamins until they reach 100 kilograms in weight. Subsequently, they are allowed to feed freely, taking advantage of the wild fruits of the field. Finally, we close the fattening process with an additional phase of feed and cereals.

Regarding curing, after a perfectly executed cooking process, the pieces of Field-Fed Ham go through a maturation period of 24 months. Thus, when it reaches your table, you experience a product at its optimal point of flavor, color, and texture. The quality of the raw material and the delicate treatment of the product, following each process to perfection, guarantee that all Enrique Tomás ham is simply the best.

Our quality team has selected the best Iberian field-fed hams available in the world. When tasting it, you can verify its high degree of flavor and richness.

  • Ideal for: Slicing, common uses, tapas, sandwiches, enjoying it alone, various culinary preparations, and any other application you wish to explore. 


    Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Ham - Pata Negra

    When we mention that a ham is "Pata Negra," we are referring to the purity of the Iberian breed. This implies that the pigs from which this product is obtained are descendants of Iberian parents, ensuring that their meat is authentically 100% Iberian.

    Iberian pigs stand out from the rest of the animal kingdom for their unique ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle. This achievement is due to carefully controlled feeding and exercise during the montanera season in the dehesas, providing them with intramuscular fat that elevates their flavor and texture to excellence.

    This exceptional acorn-fed ham undergoes a curing process that exceeds 36 months. During this time, the piece is subjected to a careful balance of factors such as temperature and humidity, allowing each fiber to impregnate with intense flavors and a sublime texture. When it arrives at your table, the Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Ham offers a unique sensory experience, marked by excellence in each slice.

    We firmly uphold our maxim: "the best ham is the one you like the most." With each packet of acorn-fed Iberian ham slices, you will immerse yourself in the essence of what we want to express when we affirm that ham is not only for eating but for enjoying to the fullest.

    • Ideal for: Tasting sliced, common uses, tapas, sandwiches, enjoying it alone, various culinary preparations, and any occasion that arises to delight in this treasure of Iberian gastronomy.



    To maintain the optimal organoleptic and microbiological properties of the product, it is advisable to keep it refrigerated at a temperature between 3°C and 8°C.


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    • BREED

      Gran Reserva


      Feeding: Feed + Cereals + Herbs + Wild Plants

    • CURING

      Curation +18 months

    • FORMAT





      May contain traces of milk protein and soy protein.

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