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SAVING PACK - Cebo de campo 50% Iberian Ham shoulder

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  • Cebo de campo 50% raza ibérica

  • Food: Feed + Cereals + Herbs + Wild plants

  • Curing + 24 months

  • May contain traces of milk protein and soy protein.

You still don't know the Iberian Cebo de Campo Cured Iberian Cured Meat? Well, with this pack you can do it in the best possible way. The Enrique Tomás Savings Packs are the best way to buy ham and wine ready to eat, with the slogan "drink, eat and enjoy", we offer you this new product so that you spend the right amount and enjoy the most. The Paleta de Cebo de Campo Savings Pack is 980 grams of Paleta Ibérica de Cebo de Campo, a piece full of flavour and nuances, which you can enjoy together with picos sevillanos and a good bottle of wine.

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula

  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product

SAVING PACK - Cebo de campo 50% Iberian Ham shoulder
Pack jamón y vino - Paleta de Cebo de Campo 50% Ibérica Pack 111.00


Savings Pack: Paleta de Cebo de Campo 50 % Iberian Ham Shoulder

This original pack, with all the flavour of Cebo de Campo Iberian ham, is presented in a convenient and practical box which includes:

10 packets of sliced shoulder of 80 gr.
1 packet of slices of 80 gr
1 packet of shavings of 100 gr
2 bags of Picos Sevillanos, 25 gr.
1 bottle of Basagoiti crianza red wine

Drink, eat and enjoy!

Ham is made to be enjoyed and at Enrique Tomás we are always looking for ways to help you achieve this. The Savings Packs were born under this concept so that you don't have to worry about cutting the ham or shoulder, placing it in the ham holder, preserving it correctly... we give you everything ready so that your only concern is to eat.

With these packs you will not only save time, but for the same price of the amount of shoulder included, you will also get a fantastic bottle of red wine and picos sevillanos for a complete tasting.

50% Iberian Cebo de Campo ham Shoulder

The Iberian pig is unique and as such, what we produce from it is nothing more than a variety of delicacies. In addition to being born in our wonderful Iberian Peninsula, these pigs have an exceptional characteristic and that is that they are the only animals capable of infiltrating fat into the muscle, giving their meat an irresistible flavour and texture.

When we talk about the characteristic "cebo de campo" we are talking directly about the pig's diet. All Iberian pigs are fed in the same way until they reach the first hundred kilograms of weight, first the mother's breast and then with feed, in general a basic diet for the animal to grow strong, muscular and with very resistant bones. To acquire the rest of the necessary weight, the animals are released into the freedom of the countryside and that is when our Iberian free-range pigs are fed on fruits and wild herbs, to finally move on to the last phase with more cereals.

The term "campo" refers to this release, where the animal has been fed with natural products such as wild fruits and whatever nature has given it in the countryside.



Energetic Value (KJ/kcal): 1768 KJ 422 kcal

Fat: 34 g

  • of which:
  • saturated fatty acids 14 g

Carbohydrates: 0 g

  • of which:
  • sugars 0 g

Proteins: 29 g

Salt: 4.6 g


Keep refrigerated between 3 - 8ºC. Necessary to maintain the organoleptic and microbiological qualities of the product. Once opened, keep refrigerated for a maximum of 3 days.


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    Ibérica de Cebo de Campo


    Food: Feed + Cereals + Herbs + Wild plants


    Curing + 24 months






    May contain traces of milk protein and soy protein.