croquetas de jamon serrano


During this holiday season, we get the urge to cook. If 15 people are coming over for a meal, we'll cook for 24, just in case they're still hungry. First, we need to put out some appetizers, and it's at this moment that we bring out the platter or the ham leg, and everyone's eyes light up, and a smile appears – Christmas has already begun.

You take your glass of champagne and suddenly... canapés, small sandwiches, and an array of dishes that give the false impression that this is the meal... If you have ham, use it to create your appetizers – they'll taste more like Christmas!!


Creamy Iberian Ham Croquettes Recipe

  • You can find the recipe here

creamy iberian ham croquettes

Iberian Chorizo Croquettes Recipe

  • You can find the recipe here

step by step iberian chorizo croquettes

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