Spanish charcuterie is known worldwide for its exquisite cured meats and above all for its Iberian cured meats which, like Iberian ham, are unique and of excellent quality. When you buy Spanish charcuterie from Enrique Tomás, you get the best quality: our chorizo, salchichón and lomo are famous for their incomparable flavour and aroma. Once you have tasted them, it is very difficult to change them for others.

At Enrique Tomás we have several types of each, as well as longaniza and fuet, equally well known and appreciated for their delicious taste. These types of Spanish or Iberian sausages can be consumed in different ways and formats and here you will find them all.








What is Lomo?

Lomo (pork loin) is one of the most highly regarded cured meats in Spanish gastronomy, and the higher its quality, the more our palate enjoys it. At Enrique Tomás, we offer you the best selection of Ibérico Lomo and Gran Reserva Lomo in various presentations, from whole loin to packs with high-quality ham, chorizo, and salchichón so that you can savor a delicious product in every bite. Sourced from the best regions: Salamanca, Huelva, Cáceres, Badajoz, and Córdoba.

Buy lomo online and enjoy the convenience of having it delivered to your home, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor.

Indulge in only the best!


What is Chorizo?

At Enrique Tomás, we strive to bring the finest products to your table, and that's why we offer you the highest-quality Ibérico Chorizo designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Chorizo is an emblem of Spanish gastronomy, crafted from the leanest and highest-quality parts of the pig, seasoned with paprika and spices that give it its characteristic color and flavor. After a brief curing period, you can indulge in a unique cured meat that is essential in our cuisine.

In our online store, you can find a variety of Ibérico Chorizo options, including Chorizo Ibérico vela, Ibérico de bellota, and Ibérico 100%, sourced from different regions like Huelva, Salamanca, Cáceres-Badajoz, and Córdoba. Additionally, we offer whole pieces, halves, or quarters, pre-sliced portions, and delicious Ibérico bellota packs. The perfect gift for lovers of cured meats and charcuterie.

Ideal for satisfying your senses and providing an exceptional culinary experience!


What is Salchichón?

Salchichón is one of the most traditional cured meats of the Iberian Peninsula, a flavorful product that, when crafted with high-quality raw materials, results in a delicious and easy-to-enjoy piece. At Enrique Tomás, driven by our passion for quality products, we present you with a selection of Ibérico and bellota 100% salchichones for your enjoyment, perfect for those who appreciate a quality cured meat with nuances. Ideal for serving on a charcuterie board or in a sandwich.

Enrique Tomás' Ibérico salchichón, made from Ibérico pigs, is available in various presentations, including half or ¼ pieces of Ibérico de bellota, a mix of Ibérico salchichón and chorizo, 80-gram packs of 100% Ibérico product sourced from the best regions like Huelva, Cáceres-Badajoz, Salamanca, and Córdoba. We also offer our premium-quality bellota cured meats and charcuterie box, which includes ham, chorizo, salchichón, and lomo. Additionally, you can choose from the most delicious longanizas and fuets to savor a flavor full of personality.

Perfect for any occasion!


Where do the Spanish cured meats from Enrique Tomás come from?

From the best suppliers and producers of sau in the Iberian Peninsula, because we only want to offer the best raw material, the best quality to our customers.

Are our cured meats cooked?

No, none of our online sausages need to be cooked to be consumed, they are all cured and ready to eat without cooking. They can be used in already cooked dishes to accompany and garnish or to make sauces, such as chorizo, for example.

In what format can I buy Enrique Tomás Spanish cured meats?

In the online shop you will find them all in pieces of different sizes and weights or sliced in 80g sachets and vacuum-packed.

Can I store charcuterie outside the fridge?

If the cured meats are vacuum-packed and the ambient temperature is cool and constant, as it can be in a pantry, or in a cool, dry place, it is possible to keep them for several days, even weeks. Of course, the temperature should not fluctuate too much because sudden changes in temperature affect the vacuum packaging. Of course, always check the expiry date.

Likewise, when the vacuum is removed, it should be consumed completely within a few hours, otherwise it should be kept in the fridge, as it begins to lose its properties and oxidise when it comes into contact with air. It is best not to leave it in the fridge for many days, as it will lose aroma and taste intensity.

Is it bad for your health to eat Spanish cured meats?

As with everything in life, excesses are not usually good for anything, even in things that are a priori healthy, such as sport, if we overdo it, it can also harm us. The right measure is always the right thing to enjoy it without it harming us and giving us gastronomic and emotional pleasure: who doesn't enjoy a plate of good charcuterie, and if it has Iberian ham, even better?  Of course, always consult your doctor in case of doubt, specific pathology or diet that advises against it.

Types of cured meats

The art of charcuterie making dates back to antiquity, due to man's need to preserve meat products for longer. Its evolution has given rise to a wide variety of products with very different characteristics due, in part, to the availability of raw materials and the climate of each region in the case of the Iberian Peninsula.

This is why our gastronomy has a wide variety of cured meats with different flavours and nuances, which has made Spain the most renowned producer of Iberian cured meats in the world.

At Enrique Tomás we bring together three of the most outstanding products, from both non-Iberian and Iberian pigs, to make you enjoy a unique gastronomic journey. The lomo, chorizo and salchichón are our star cured meats, made taking care of the quality at every stage of the process so that you can enjoy the best flavour and different varieties depending on the breed of pig they come from: Gran Reserva (non-Iberian cured meat) or Iberian Bellota and Bellota 100% and in the case of the Lomo also in all flavours: from milder to more intense. All of them are made with care and with the best raw material from the different production sites in the Iberian Peninsula.

Cured meats formats

In our shops and also online you will find a range of exquisite products in piece format or sliced and vacuum packed, so that you can enjoy them with total comfort according to your taste and needs.

You will find pieces of sausage in different sizes, vacuum-packed from 250 gr to 650 gr approximately, 80 gr sachets with the cured meat/charcuterie of your choice already sliced, or in whole pieces such as our Vic PGI longaniza, and our fuet sticks, super delicious! 

How best to eat Spanish charcuterie

Obviously, Spanish cured meats can be eaten whenever and wherever each diner decides, as they are good at any time of the day... As well as being delicious, we can eat them anywhere because they are ready to eat, quickly and easily. Whether for a breakfast or afternoon snack, to accompany or liven up a salad or soup or as a simple tapa, they are always a pleasure to eat, and at Enrique Tomás you will find them in the format of your choice.

And of course, cured meats are always welcome at the table! They are perfect for a delicious appetizer, or as a first course on a multicoloured platter of a variety of charcuterie and also to incorporate them into traditional dishes of our gastronomy, giving them a characteristic flavour that is difficult to replace.

They are delicious at any time!