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Spanish wine is one of the best and most appreciated in the world, not only for its extraordinary quality and variety, but also for its value for money, hardly comparable to that of other surrounding countries. 

Buying a good Spanish wine in Spain and in general in the rest of the world is not a luxury, as it is in the case of wines from other origins of equal or inferior quality. Thus, Spanish wine is a very affordable pleasure for any pocket, so much so that in many homes it is part of the daily gastronomy to accompany meals and dinners with a glass of wine. 

Wine is a very important and remarkable part of our culinary culture and pairing certain dishes and delicacies such as Iberian ham / Jamón ibérico with a good wine is an essential pleasure: for example, in a business dinner, in a family celebration or in a simple dinner with your partner when you feel like it, whether it is a weekend, holiday or work. And alone at home, with a glass of wine in your hands in front of the TV or in the kitchen while preparing dinner, after a long day of work and routine. 

What a pleasure!



In general stores in the country where you live you will find Spanish wine. If you are looking for something special, it is best to look for it online or in specialized wine stores, wineries or delicatessen stores.


In general we will tell you what you like the most. But if we have to choose, we will tell you that it pairs well with soft and fresh whites and with those with sparkling wine, which is why it also pairs very well with cavas because the bubbles manage to cleanse the palate of fat and prepare it for the next bite. That effect is also achieved by a good fresh beer.


Yes, of course, but in general we will tell you that the more aged it is and the more woody it is, no matter how good it is, the less it will combine with the ham, because both flavors, being so strong and penetrating, will overlap too much on your palate and you will not be able to appreciate well or one nor the other. If red wines are your thing at all costs, then we encourage you to choose a younger one, with just the right amount of acidity to accompany you without invading the flavor of the ham, such as our red wine pairing, made by expert oenologists to be the ideal red wine to pair with jamón.


Of course, in our stores, including online, you will find our selection of wines to accompany not only jamón but with all types of foods, meats, fish, stews of all kinds and cured cheeses.


Surely we have all heard of or know what the word pairing or pairing means when we talk about wine and food. If we look at some of its definitions online, it defines it like this: “Wine and food pairing is the process of pairing a food with a wine with the intention of enhancing the pleasure of eating them.” But there is much more behind the pairing than the fact of enhancing the flavor, and even in some cases the opposite is sought, that is, a balance in the combination of flavors or perhaps we simply seek not to interfere with the flavor of the food, as is For example, the case of pairing with Jamón.

The fundamental thing is to always think about the foods or dishes that we are going to try to find the best Spanish wine and not the other way around. Obviously if we have a good wine and we want to try it, we can do it with a glass at the right time, and it can be alone or reserve it for an appropriate food and thus enjoy its full potential.

In our winery, the wines are mostly designed to pair with our jamón and cured Iberian products but they also pair with many other foods such as meats, fish, cheeses, sweets, etc.


We love ham, that is why we are dedicated to making it known throughout the world as the culinary gem that it is. As part of this objective, we have developed a pairing wine from our own brand that matches perfectly with the flavors and aromas of the ham so that the tasting becomes a full-fledged gastronomic experience. We tell you how!


Our red wine pairing

Red wine has a tradition rooted in popular culture of being the wine that should accompany ham, but in reality there are not so many red wines that can fulfill that task. For example, a wine such as a Rioja Crianza or a Ribero del Duero with a lot of aging or with woody nuances will be wonderful to drink with red meats, in stews, stews, on the barbecue, and to accompany cured or very cured cheeses, etc. .

Now with ham, these types of wines are so intense, the strength of the tannin on the palate will interfere with the flavor of the ham and vice versa. As a result, we will not be able to enjoy either one or the other as they deserve because they will invade each other. For this reason, at Enrique Tomás we have created a smooth but high-quality red wine for red wine fans. It is excellent to taste the ham in its fullness.

There are two types of pairing, the one known as accompanying pairing and the one called contrast pairing.

Accompanying pairing

This type of pairing seeks to combine similar sensations and aromas in order to make both blend into a whole. The objective is to ensure that the flavor of the curing merges with that of the wine, causing a pleasant experience when eating them and enjoying it together. The flavor of the ham does not override the taste of the wine, nor vice versa, but what is achieved is that both merge into one, as is the case of our red wine Pairing with ham.

As a general rule, we can achieve this pairing when we combine certain soft red wines with some light foods such as salads or cold broths, however they can be stronger depending on the dish they accompany such as meats, powerful stews, cheeses, some sausages.

They make an incredible couple!

Contrast pairing

This type of pairing seeks, precisely as its name indicates, to contrast the flavors so that each element has its space on our palate without disturbing each other. In the case of ham, this pairing is ideal to cleanse the palate with a fresh and light wine, even sparkling, and then continue enjoying the next slice. In this pairing the flavors do not confront each other but rather each one has its moment, both are protagonists!

In our winery you will find other options of white and red wines, as well as high-quality cavas to accompany all types of stews and foods: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Priorat, Albariño, Juvé & Camps, Agustí Torelló, etc.

At Enrique Tomás we are specialists in Ham and how to make it an extraordinary gastronomic experience by finding the best drink pairing for each occasion. Our pairing wines have been selected for that purpose.