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Iberian acorn -Bellota- chorizo |Half piece

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  • Bellota 50% raza ibérica

  • Alimentación: Pienso + Cereales + Hierbas + Plantas silvestres 

  • May contain traces of milk protein and soy protein

We present a piece of about 550-650 grams approx., vacuum sealed and ready to taste. The Iberian Acorn-fed -bellota- Chorizo is made from the lean parts of the highest quality pork, a selection of meat that is seasoned and stuffed and in this case, being an Iberian sausage, has been obtained from a pig of Iberian race fed on acorns during the Montanera. Chorizo is an icon in Spanish gastronomy, try it and enjoy its intense flavour with Enrique Tomás products.

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula

  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product

Iberian acorn -Bellota- chorizo |Half piece
Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota Campaña - Media pieza Chorizo 30.00
Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota Campaña - Media pieza Chorizo 30.00


What is chorizo?

Within the range of the famous sausages of our gastronomy, chorizo undoubtedly occupies a very special place. To sum up, chorizo is made with the highest quality lean pork parts, seasonings and different spice, and just like lomo or jamón, chorizo needs time, although this case the dry curing period is much shorter.

The characteristic red colour of the chorizo is due to the paprika, an essential ingredient in the preparation of the coveted sausage. In fact, this characteristic is what makes the Spanish chorizo a standard and a unique product in the world's gastronomy, the taste and color make it different from other sausages and chorizos from other places.

In Enrique Tomás you will find a high-quality product with pieces and slices of Chorizo Ibérico Bellota, made with acorn-fed Iberian pork, which is used to make the exquisite Pata Negra hams. As well as Iberian Chorizo, a product obtained from pigs of the Iberian breed but whose diet has not included acorns.

Spanish cured meats

The Spanish gastronomy is world famous and its sausages, together with the Jamón Ibérico, are one of the protagonists of this popularity. Each region and town has its own products and, above all, the traditional preparation and local flavours are valued: chorizos, fuet, salchichón, chistorra and other wonders that many of us could not do without.

When we speak of cured meat we refer to a processing technique, therefore, what is known as cold meat is not a sausage, nor can our beloved jamón be considered as such. To make a good sausage you need meat from different parts of the pig (lean areas and fat) and seasonings that can vary according to each cook and/or product to be prepared. Once all the ingredients have been combined, the mixture is stuffed into a natural or artificial casing, as the case may be, and allowed to cure for as long as it needs to acquire its colour, flavour and texture

The purity of the Iberian breed

The Iberian pig is a unique animal in the world, nobody can reproduce it and we can only find it in the Iberian Peninsula. This wonderful animal, in addition to some unique physical characteristics, has the extraordinary quality of infiltrating fat into the muscle, this capacity does not have any other living being and this is what makes both the ham and the Iberian shoulder have that characteristic flavor.



Energy (KJ/kcal)

1785 KJ

425 kcal

Fat 33.4 g

of which:

Saturated Fat 12.36 g

Carbohydrates 7.8 g

of which:

Sugars < 0.5 g

Proteins 23.14 g

Salt 4.5 g


Keep refrigerated between 3 -8ºC. Necessary to maintain the organoleptic and microbiological qualities of the product. Once opened, keep refrigerated for a maximum of 3 days. maximum of 3 days.



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    • Bellota 50% raza ibérica

    Alimentación: Pienso + Cereales + Hierbas + Plantas silvestres 


    Whole piece




    May contain traces of milk protein and soy protein