como conservar un jamon empezado

How to preserve a started ham

Knowing how to preserve a partially started ham is crucial to enjoy its full flavor without spoiling it. The curing process is quite lengthy, and not sealing it properly or allowing it to dry can affect its taste.

At Enrique Tomás, we keep saying it: if you buy a whole ham, it's meant to be eaten and enjoyed! Invite your friends and loved ones and finish this delicacy as soon as possible to maintain its flavor.

Now, if you've decided to start enjoying your leg of ham and want to know how to keep it in perfect condition as you consume it, keep reading. In this article, we'll explain it in detail.



How to Preserve a Partially Started Ham in a Ham Holder

The first thing to consider is that you need to place the ham correctly in the ham holder, with the hoof down or up depending on how long you think it will take to consume. Once you have it in the holder and start cutting, you'll notice that its meat is exposed to the air and can dry out.

What to do? Very simple. Firstly, it's important to note that ham is very sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. So, even if you have it in the kitchen because it's the natural place for food, avoid placing it near heat sources and ensure it's kept in a cool and dark place.

Let's talk about the fat now. The fat acts as a protector for the meat, so when you're slicing, don't remove more fat than necessary. Thanks to the fat, the ham will be more protected.

Regarding the fat, it's also important to note that we often have the tendency to slice it and then cover the exposed part of the ham with it. Big mistake! Fat can become rancid easily, and if it comes into contact with the meat, it could ruin the flavor. Want to test it? Cut off a bit of the fat and place it on a slice of bread - you'll notice the flavor isn't pleasant. That unpleasant flavor will transfer to the ham.

Good Advice

So, how to preserve a partially started ham? Simply cover it with a clean lint-free cloth and, when you're about to consume it again, remove the dried-out part. You can use this cured part for cooking and preparing dishes, such as fried eggs with ham.


el jamon serrano se puede freir


However, what's the best way to preserve ham? Eat it as soon as possible. A leg of ham should last a maximum of sixteen days in summer and twenty-one days in winter, not a day more or less. So, if you think it'll take longer to consume, we recommend having it sliced at one of our stores.

At Enrique Tomás, we slice the ham and vacuum-seal it, regardless of whether you purchased the leg from our stores or not. But why is vacuum-sealing good? Because vacuum-sealed slices can last up to 90 days under optimal conditions, so you won't have to open them immediately. Just store the packages in a dry, dark place at a temperature between 17 and 23ºC, like a pantry.

Sliced ham won't require much effort, and you'll be able to have ham on your table whenever you want in the most convenient way. Just open the package and wait a few minutes for the slices to naturally separate. When you eat them, you'll enjoy freshly sliced ham!

So, now that you know how to properly preserve a partially started ham, try to follow our advice as much as possible. And if for some reason you can't, bring it to us, and we'll slice and prepare it in 80, 100, or 150-gram packages - it's up to you!

Take care of your ham and enjoy this top-quality product as it should be!

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