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Iberian ham and diabetes, are they compatible?

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, they know that from now on, they will have to take care of their diet for life. Faced with this new situation, many wonder if Iberian ham and diabetes are compatible, and the answer is YES! But why?

At Enrique Tomás, we'll explain it thoroughly!

Can I Eat Iberian Ham If I Have Diabetes?

Recent studies have shown that you can eat Iberian ham if you have high cholesterol, and since it doesn't contain uric acid, it's also allowed for those suffering from gout. But what about the relationship between Iberian ham and diabetes?

Those who have diabetes are strictly forbidden from consuming sugar, and they must also control carbohydrates and saturated fats. That's why many wonder if they can eat Iberian ham with diabetes. Regarding this, it's worth noting that the fat in Iberian ham is unsaturated and rich in oleic acid. In other words, it's even beneficial for the body. However, it's important not to overindulge in Iberian ham, and although you can have a little every day, it's not recommended to exceed 40 grams daily.

Therefore, if you have diabetes and you really enjoy ham, you can safely enjoy it and treat yourself every day. You can have some slices, cubes, or shavings—what's important is not to overdo it!

Keep in mind that at Enrique Tomás, we prepare it in all formats, so whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here!

Mountain Salad with ham Our Mountain Salad

What Can't You Eat with Diabetes?

As mentioned earlier, those with diabetes need to carefully control their diet, and some of the foods that are prohibited include:

  1. Sodas: Coca-Cola, Fanta, or similar sugary sodas are prohibited. Each glass of these beverages can contain up to seven tablespoons of sugar, which is excessive.
  2. Butter or margarine: Many people cook with them, but it's important to note that they are a source of saturated fats. It's better to substitute them with olive oil.
  3. Whole milk: If you like milk, you should drink skimmed milk or, at most, semi-skimmed milk. Whole milk contains a lot of saturated fats.
  4. Fried foods: They are similar to milk and butter, containing a lot of fats. If you want to watch your weight, it's advisable to stay away from them as they are also high in calories.
  5. Pastas and pastries, sweets like chocolates, ice cream, and industrial pastries... Anything containing chocolate is forbidden, and if you can't avoid it, buy sugar-free options suitable for diabetics.

It's also worth noting that physical exercise is just as important as diet control. You don't need to join a gym; you can go running or play sports with your friends. The important thing is to get off the couch!

Therefore, now that you know that Iberian ham and diabetes are compatible and that there are some foods you should stay away from, take care of yourself!

If you feel like treating yourself, indulge in our delicacy, and you'll see how good you feel!

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