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Iberian ham: Atocha (Madrid) and Viladecans (Barcelona)

We're opening our second Ibérico ham store in Viladecans (Barcelona) and our fourth ham store in Madrid, ready to share Ibérico ham and joy.

This summer, we're celebrating! We're continuing to grow, and now you have an ENRIQUE TOMÁS ham store even closer to your home.

We've opened a new ham store at Stop No. 4 of the Mercat nou de Viladecans, in Plaza de la Constitución. This market has undergone a highly demanded renovation in the neighborhood and now features a fresh produce market, a supermarket, a civic center, and other facilities. Undoubtedly, it'll be your new meeting point to chat with friends while enjoying some ham and beer. Because Ibérico ham tastes better when shared!

This store reminds us of our beginnings when in 1982, Enrique Tomás opened our first store at the La Salut de Badalona market. Everyone loves that close relationship and fresh atmosphere markets offer, some of them centuries-old, giving character to the neighborhood.

Ani and Raquel are experts in the world of Ibérico ham. They await you with a smile and the desire to provide you with valuable advice to make the most of this divine delicacy.

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    We've also just opened another ham store at Glorieta de Atocha, right in front of the train station, at Emperador V nº10 in the heart of Madrid. Ham and calamari sandwich, what more could you ask for?

    Madrid is becoming a bigger FAN of ENRIQUE TOMÁS and its hams. Who knows, maybe in the future, we'll throw a party with a chotis dance to celebrate the store's success... time will tell!

    • Glorieta de Atocha ham store info (Madrid)

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