grandes mentiras sobre el jamon

Interview in RNE. Landscapes and flavors: "The whole truth about ham".

Interview in RNE - 03/12/14

"Today our only protagonist is a product that, in itself, is a Spain brand throughout the world: ham.

Something so ours, that we think we know well, but in reality it is not like that. Our guest clarifies our doubts, corrects very common errors about ham and also dismantles false theories of such a valued product.

We talked with Enrique Tomás, a businessman who owns several delicatessens in different Spanish cities and who plans to cross borders. Enrique Tomás is a great connoisseur of ham and from his extensive experience, he knows what people want and need to know about ham . He has just published the book Big Lies About Ham ."


You can listen to the interview here:

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