cebo para cerdos


Cebo means feed in Spanish.

In the dictionary we find two meanings for the meaning of Cebo (Animal feed). It always refers to animal feed, but in this case we will say that it is the feed given to pigs to feed them. The feed composed mostly of cereals and other vitamin nutrients.

Cebo is part of the diet of all white or Iberian pigs, regardless of the breed percentage of the latter. Until they weigh no more than 100 kg, an Iberian pig also eats feed on the farm, and then when it goes out to make the montanera it stops eating it to ingest everything natural that it finds in its way: acorn, herbs and wild fruits, etc.


Types of cebo

Cebo is a mixture of different feeds processed together. It is a balanced food, that is to say, it is specific for the type of animal to which it is destined; in the case of the pig, it will depend on the stage of growth if they are piglets or adults, or to finish the fattening in the case of the Iberian Cebo de campo.

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