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Ham holder

The ham holder, together with the knife, are the basic tools for cutting ham by hand. Without them, the task would be impossible.

To fulfil its function, this special cutting board has to have certain characteristics, which we detail below. Thus,  you can enjoy the art of cutting ham in all its essence.


The ham holder

This tool is used to cut pieces of ham and ham shoulder in an easy and comfortable way. A jamonero or ham holder is an essential part of the cutting process and in fact, each professional chooses his or her own depending on their preferences.

There are no better or worse, it is all a matter of taste, but if there are characteristics that we must take into account when it comes to getting one. This cutting board will help us to hold the piece firmly in order to obtain perfect slices and enjoy also the art of slicing.

To hold a piece of ham and keep it in a comfortable position you need two essential things: firmness and stability. The ham holder will help us to be sure with the manipulation of the knife in the cut of the piece, both in the cleaning of the external fat and in obtaining  slices.

An unstable or unstable ham holder can be a danger, remember that the ham cutting knife will always be very sharp and we can easily get hurt if the hold of the piece is not correct.

With this in mind, we understand why weight and shape are so important in this tool. Greater stability and less swinging when slicing the ham, that’s what you have to look for when looking for a ham holder.

In terms of size, this will depend on the size of our piece although there are ham holders that can be used both for hams and for smaller shoulders.


Types of Ham Holders

Currently, there are many types of ham holder stands available. Each one comes with specific features designed to provide the utmost convenience for the master cutter.

Here, we'll categorize them to give you a summary of what you can find:

According to their use

They can vary in terms of materials, sturdiness, size, and the tools used to hold the ham in place. As the ham holder becomes more professional, it often includes additional features like a rotating socket for easier handling of the ham.

  • Domestic
  • Semi-professional
  • Professional

According to the material it's made of

The material you choose also depends on your intended use. Wood is often more elegant and aesthetically pleasing, making it perfect for home use. However, for professional use and easier hygiene maintenance, metal is the better choice.

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Silestone
  • Various

According to their positioning

For slicing ham, it's best to have the piece as horizontal as possible to you. To achieve this, there are different clamping systems that either allow or restrict the mobility of the ham without removing it from the ham holder.

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Oscillating base
  • Rotating
  • Multi-position

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