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In the premises of Enrique Tomás when someone says the word “slice” the first thing he/she thinks of is a good piece of ham, a ham carving expert and a very sharp knife.  Yet the truth is that this term is applied to many kinds of food.

A slice is a wide, thin portion of something, usually a food, that is cut or extracted from the whole piece or, in any case, from a much larger portion.


What is a slice?

It is the part that we obtain when we cut a ham, that is to say, a thin and not too long portion of its meat that has been separated from the whole piece. The term can be used in other types of products. Both cured or raw meats such as carpaccio.

Another synonym that could be used is the word portion. Since this is applied to a cut portion of a food from top to bottom and the ham is cut in this way.

Although words such as slice or piece are synonymous thereof. We must avoid them when speaking of sliced ham. There is nothing better than the term slice to speak of that delicate product that we have obtained from the correct and precise slicing of the piece of ham.


The perfect slice of ham

A good slice of ham must have a nice red colour and some marbling. A pleasure for the eyes first and for the palate later. Yet, there is no doubt that the secret lies in the thickness.

“The thicker the piece you put in your mouth, the more difficult it will be for you to distinguish its flavour and nuances” as Enrique Tomás himself explains in the book Jamón for Dummies.  It is for this simple reason that the slice is the cut par excellence when it comes to enjoying a good iberian ham or ham shoulder.

So, let us remember that the Iberian products come from pigs of Iberian breed. Thus, we have the marbling of infiltrated fat. At the time of cutting a slice, if it is thin, almost translucent (if it is especially jamón de bellota). For example, when it comes into contact with the heat of our palate will begin to melt. If we make this happen by putting a slice of ham in our mouth, that slice have the perfect shape.

In short, a well cut slice of ham should be thin and the size of a bite not too big. In the Enrique Tomás stores you will find vacuum sliced sachets with product cut by slicer and knife by the experienced hands of our ham cutting experts.

In addition, if you are one of those who prefers your own piece we also have the service “No te Cortes” (Travel pack) available to get the maximum performance. We have also the Enrique Tomás Cutting Courses, so that you may learn from the best hand to cut perfect slices.

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