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Spanish hard sausage [Salchichón]

An intensely flavoured cured meat that pleases both grown-ups and children alike. Much less salty than other sausages such as chorizo, for example. 

Salchichón is a hard cured meat that can be enjoyed in many ways, alone, accompanied, sliced thinly or in thick cubes, a nutritious food made with lean meat and pork fat, perfect for breakfast or mid-afternoon snacks.


What ingredients are there in a Salchichón?

This sausage is usually large in size and is made using lean meat and ground pork fat along with various spice. Like the other sausages that we enjoy today, the salchichón appeared as a way of preserving food through the curing system. It is known that its origin dates back to the Middle Ages, around the middle of the fifteenth century.

Thus,  pork meat and fat are mixed with spice such as pepper, oregano and salt, among others. Although the best known are those of pork, there are also those with mixtures of meat that include beef and other game animals.

Unlike sausages such as pork loin (Lomo), in the preparation of salchichón, the ingredients are finely chopped; once seasoned with the different spice, it is left to preserve for about 24 hours.

Finally stuffed into natural or synthetic casings. The last step, curing, is carried out by hanging the pieces in drying sheds for a few days, between 60 and 90. Depending on the type of salchichón, a smoking process may also be applied.

Then, enjoy a good bite of salchichón either alone, in canapés, salads, pizzas…. The combinations can be infinite! Its intense but not very aggressive taste makes it perfect to combine.

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