• Pure Iberian breed, natural food and artisanal tradition
  • The finishing, drying and curing in a natural cellar
  • How to know which is the best, the most convenient
  • So is there the best ham in the world?
  • Premium Iberian Bellota Ham from Enrique Tomás

If you wonder which is the best Iberian ham in the world , and you follow us a little, you will know that we always say that the best ham is the one that your palate likes the most and that you really want to try at that time of day. By this we basically mean two things and no matter how obvious they may seem, we believe it is necessary to emphasize them. The first is that not because it is the most expensive, it is the ham that we are going to like the most the moment we try it. The second, we just mentioned, is the moment and the time that we want to dedicate to eating ham.

Pure Iberian breed, natural food and artisanal tradition

The statement points out the three main elements so that when buying the best Iberian ham, we know how to ask and demand what we are looking for. The Acorn-fed Iberian Ham is unique in the world, due to its breed, its diet and the curing of the master ham maker. If this ham comes from a purebred Iberian pig, that is, a 100% Iberian father and mother, we are faced with a piece of spectacular quality, because the animal from which it comes has grazed the last 4 months of its adulthood in the Spanish pasture (Mediterranean forests full of oaks and natural water) where he has only ingested acorns and all types of wild plants, he has exercised a lot and has muscled his limbs well.

The finishing, drying and curing in a natural cellar

This ham is cured in natural cellars by expert ham makers who follow an ancient tradition that of course has been perfected by experience and new technologies, without ever losing the artisanal and traditional basis. But there is much more that you can always read if you are interested .

How to know which is the best, the most convenient

If we like ham in general, we will always know how to appreciate a good curing, and it will depend on whether we eat it alone and sliced ​​on a plate, in a sandwich, in some tapas, or we are going to use it to accompany or liven up other foods. Thus, depending on the desire we have and how we want it, it is better to use one type of ham over another, and above all one type of format over another: slices, shavings or cubes. Obviously there are no rules, each according to their tastes and possibilities. However, if, for example, we want to use a little ham to liven up a cream or a salad, perhaps it would not be necessary for it to be a Bellota ham, because even if it were some shavings, the best thing in this case would be to enjoy them in a good sandwich and use others of a “Gran Reserva” Serrano Ham , or even Iberian Country Ham .

So is there the best jamón in the world?

Of course, and it has a name, Premium Iberian Bellota Ham .

If we leave each person's tastes aside and talk in terms of the exclusivity of the product, of artisanal production for years, of daily care, of dedication and care, of heavenly flavor, of gastronomic pleasure, we will realize that we are facing a work of culinary art. worthy of receiving the tribute it deserves.

Jamón de Bellota Ibérico Premium Enrique Tomás

Commonly known as Pata Negra. This delicacy comes from the hind limb of a 100% Iberian breed pig, that is, from a 100% Iberian father and mother. The Iberian breed is special because it is unique in the world in its ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle among other physiological differences that make it different from other pig breeds. This particular capacity provides the ham with an unmatched flavor and juiciness.

Furthermore, in this case the Iberian pig from which it comes, that is, 100% Iberian, has done the Montanera upon reaching adulthood, that is, it has spent the last 4 months of its life in freedom, in the Dehesa of Spain where He has only eaten acorns and wild fruits and has gotten a lot of exercise by going from one place to another looking for food and water in the rivers. Thus, the vegetable oil from the acorns has penetrated its muscles in the form of fat and has managed to infuse its meat with a flavor and texture incomparable to that of other ham, even Iberian.



No. Only those who are of pure Iberian breed, that is, 100% Iberian, will be. And that they have made the Montanera.


It began to be called that because the hoof and its area are somewhat dark compared to other pig breeds, but it is not a sine qua non condition, since there are Iberian pigs that have lighter hoofs than, for example, the Duroc breed, which Despite being white, it has dark hoofs. Therefore, to know if it is of Iberian breed and 100% we will know it by its origin and by the Iberian law we will distinguish it by the bridle and the black label. At Enrique Tomás, this ham is identified as a Premium product.


There are many reasons to justify this superlative adjective, but we believe that as in everything in life, the colors depend on your taste. The undeniable thing is that this gastronomic piece is pure culinary art, to which several people have dedicated years to caring for it, pampering it until it has reached an ideal point of healing and excellence of unmatched quality.