Regalos Pata Negra Enrique Tomás

Blackleg Gifts

The ham itself is an experience, and we want to offer you several gift options:

A book for conducting a tasting at home!

Among our packs, you'll find the 6 different flavors of ham in an enticing book, paired with a bottle of sparkling wine.

Sneak a peek at our packs!

Big Lies About Ham

Culturally, we have many acquired habits regarding ham. With this book, discover what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong with ham, and much more!

big lies about ham

Tools for every good "jamón" enthusiast

The most important thing is to have a well-sharpened knife, get yourself a ham carving knife and a drill bit.

Visit the Ham Experience!

Are you more into cultural experiences? Visit the Ham Experience, a 1-hour journey into ham that includes a tasting.

The flavor of Extremadura in a tin

Is their favorite Iberian flavor from Extremadura? Ham, chorizo, loin, salchichón... with the taste they love the most. Discover the rest of the tins!

Don't miss the other Iberian gifting options in our website's gift section!

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