Refund policy

Enrique Tomás' Total Guarantee

Enrique Tomás' Guarantee is identified with the Enrique Tomás Black Label, which you will find around the hoof of the shoulder or ham you have purchased. This label is very important as it identifies the piece and backs its guarantee. Therefore, NEVER SHOULD YOU THROW AWAY OR PEEL OFF THIS LABEL. In fact, it is better that you DO NOT REMOVE IT, in this way, you will avoid losing it.

This label indicates that your piece has passed all the quality controls carried out by our experts and, consequently, complies with all the quality standards required by Enrique Tomás and can, therefore, be marketed in all our stores.

However, if you have started to slice your piece and it is not to your liking or you detect any problem, this label is your guarantee for us to exchange it or offer you a solution based on the current state of your piece. For this reason, it is essential that you keep this label and do not discard it, as without it, the return protocol cannot be applied, which we will explain to you next.

Enrique Tomás Black Label: Guarantee and Return Policy

All our ham or shoulder pieces are in the highest quality category within their type, considering factors such as breed and feeding. When a piece does not meet the strict quality standards that our experts expect to find, it is immediately withdrawn. This can occur during any of the numerous controls we carry out on each piece, from its selection at the source to its delivery to the customer's home.

Our commitment is to provide the best to our customers, and if, despite our efforts, they are not satisfied, our total guarantee comes into play to find a solution.

Royal Assurance - Quality Seal


Enrique Tomás Return Protocol

Our ham pieces undergo three rigorous quality controls, giving us complete certainty of their excellence. However, we acknowledge that tastes can vary, so if you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will be more than willing to exchange it for another item.

The customer has the right to return defective products or those that do not meet their expectations. The customer has a period of 15 days from the moment they detect the lack of conformity of the product to notify Enrique Tomás of the defect or discrepancy and proceed with the return of the product.

If the customer returns the product due to defects or lack of conformity, and the return is accepted, Enrique Tomás will replace the product with another of similar characteristics and will assume the shipping costs, as well as the direct costs of the return.

What are the instructions for returning a product purchased in the Online Store?

If, despite all our rigorous quality controls, you are not satisfied with your ham or shoulder, either because you do not like it or because there is an issue, you must inform us immediately. You can do this by sending us photos of the current state of the piece and providing a brief explanation of the problem, along with the order reference number. To do this, you must open a ticket from your user's private panel, accessing the "Customer Service Inquiries" section.

From that moment, we will activate the following action protocol, provided that you still have the Enrique Tomás Black Guarantee label (as mentioned above):

  • Collection of the piece.
  • Analysis of the problem by our experts in our warehouse.
  • Solution:
    • If the piece has hardly been consumed or sliced, we will proceed to exchange it for another of the same quality.
    • If the piece has been largely consumed, our experts will assess the amount of clean ham still left to slice. In that case, we will send you the same amount of ham of the same quality, which will be pre-sliced and vacuum-packed. Additionally, we will send you some extra packets as compensation.

Any piece (whether ham or shoulder) that has been sliced after delivery to your destination by a company, butcher, or deli other than Enrique Tomás (and lacks our black guarantee label) will not be subject to the application of this protocol. To qualify for this protocol, the piece must remain intact (uncut) and bear the black Enrique Tomás guarantee label. Both conditions are essential to apply this protocol; otherwise, Enrique Tomás cannot assume responsibility for any issues the piece may present.

Whole Pieces Protocol: Sliced and Vacuum-Packed

If, upon opening a sliced packet, you do not find the taste you expected, and the same happens with a second packet (we recommend trying a second one as the taste of the ham can vary depending on the part of the piece it comes from) and you confirm that you are not satisfied, we ask that you notify us immediately through your private panel in "Customer Service Inquiries".

If necessary, you can attach a photo and, most importantly, explain the reason for your dissatisfaction. The return procedure will be carried out as follows:

  • The product will be collected.
  • Upon arrival at our warehouse, if only two packets are missing to complete the total quantity, we will send you another complete and sliced ham or shoulder. If, on the other hand, more packets are missing, we will send you a complete and sliced ham or shoulder for each packet returned.

Protocol for Cured meats: Whole and Vacuum-Packed

In the case of other cured meat products, such as whole vacuum-packed sausages, a solution will be provided according to the nature of the problem, provided that the claim is made within a maximum period of three weeks from the receipt of the order. After this period, the claim period will have expired, and it will not be possible to offer a solution. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully check the products upon arrival, paying special attention to the integrity of the vacuum packaging.

Protocol for Various Loose Sliced Packets: Procedure and Solutions

If you have any problems with the vacuum packaging upon arrival, please file any complaints within three weeks of receiving the order through your private panel. After this time, we will not be able to accept any changes or complaints.

This guarantee and return protocol is only valid for a maximum period of three weeks from the receipt of your order. After that, the return and exchange protocol will no longer apply. However, please note that each incident will be thoroughly reviewed by our experts.

Right of Withdrawal, Returns, and Complaints

The buyer has a period of fourteen calendar days to exercise their right of withdrawal, counted from the day they receive the product, without incurring any penalty and without having to provide a specific reason.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the buyer can notify their decision through a telephone call to +34933838485, by emailing, or by sending a written communication to the address C/ HOLANDA 27, 08917, BADALONA (BARCELONA). The customer's data will be kept for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the intended purpose (8 years), in accordance with legal obligations. The legal basis for data processing is legal compliance.

As established in article 103 of Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the supply of services or goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized, nor to goods that, by their nature, cannot be returned or that can deteriorate or expire rapidly. In these cases, the customer will be responsible for the return costs.

< span data-mce-fragment="1">In any case, the products to be returned must be in perfect condition, unused, and in their original packaging. To avoid problems during transport, it is recommended to ensure that the package is adequately protected and sealed. Once we receive the products, we will review them to ensure that they are complete and in perfect condition, including components, accessories, promotional gifts, and documentation. If everything is in order, we will proceed to refund the amount paid.

For hams, shoulders, and sausages, it is necessary to return at least 80% of the product's weight. In other words, pieces that have been started in which more than 20% of the product is missing will not be accepted. Hams and shoulders must be returned with the original seals, stamps, or labels intact and unaltered.

Return of Defective Products

If the product is not in good condition, and the causes of this are not attributable to the customer, the customer has the right to return the product. To exercise this right, the customer must inform ENRIQUE TOMAS SL of the reason for the return through any of the means provided in these terms and conditions, and this will not generate any additional cost for the customer. It is important to note that this return, due to defects or the poor condition of the product, is not considered an exercise of the right of withdrawal.

ENRIQUE TOMAS SL commits to assume the costs associated with the return and to provide the customer with a new product in accordance with the conditions accepted at the time of sale.

If the customer wishes to file a complaint, the location of ENRIQUE TOMAS SL is C/ HOLANDA, 08911, BADALONA (BARCELONA), or they can contact through the email address