Iberian Jamón is an exquisite delicacy that cannot be eaten just any way; it is necessary to have the right accompaniments and utensils to enjoy each slice properly. At Enrique Tomás, we are aware of this, which is why, in addition to offering you top-quality Gran Reserva and Iberian ham, we also have jamón stands and ham knives among our wide range of products. Eating ham is an exquisite pleasure, and we want to ensure that you enjoy it to the fullest. Below, you will find our catalog of complementary products for ham. Choose the one that suits you best, and you will not regret it.
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You will find a lot of offers on the market for knives for cutting JamónH, but we recommend that you NOT have them all but rather have the right and comfortable ones for you and of course that they are well sharpened. A poorly sharpened knife is more dangerous than one that is properly sharpened, since the cut must be smooth and flow without great effort, respecting a minimum of precautions as always when we have a knife in hand, whatever it may be.

Slicing Jamón is an art when done well. If you do not have good knives to cut jamón and you use the same ones that you use to, for example, cut meat, you run the risk of spoiling the flavor of your jamon piece, each knife seen as a tool has its function and a reason for have a specific shape and profile according to the cutting object.

If you have bought the best Jamón in the world and you do not want anything to damage its nuances, we are going to explain to you what knives you need to cut it as it should. Basically there are three utensils, namely:


This utensil is essential because it is what you are going to have to use to sharpen your knives and make them cut perfectly. The drill bit is usually about 30 cm. long and its blade is rounded. To use it all you have to do is move the knife up and down in a back and forth motion, then clean it well and store it so it doesn't get damaged. Keep in mind that you do not sharpen the knife every time you cut and it would be advisable. Likewise, the drill bit is a frequently used tool, but we also recommend that you take your ham knife to a professional from time to time to sharpen it properly


This is very important because with a single knife, we do several tasks. Thanks to this knife you will be able to do two things, clean the ham to remove the fatty crust that surrounds it and mark around the bone to better cut or bone. This knife with an elongated blade has to be rigid and with a wide blade towards the handle and narrower at the tip. It is the first knife you have to use and surely the last.


It is the typical one that comes to mind when we think of this tool. It is about 30 cm. long, with a sharp blade ending in a point. When using your ham knife you have to keep in mind that it is very sharp and if you don't use it properly you can cut yourself. When you are going to use it, do not forget that your hand must ALWAYS be located above the area you are laminating. This way, if you miss it you won't cut yourself.


This tool is very important and essential. Ideally, whether it is made of wood or metal or both elements combined, its handling is appropriate for the piece it holds. There are different types and prices.

Above all, you have to take into account the piece you like the most before buying or having a ham holder at home. If you are more of a palette person, a simple, small-medium sized ham holder may be enough, if instead you prefer a ham, not all hams adapt to a ham holder. The larger and heavier the ham is, the more solid and resistant the ham holder that holds it must be, otherwise it would lose stability and cutting would be uncomfortable and inappropriate and, most importantly, it would not be safe and could cause accidents.

Therefore, all ham holders are suitable for shoulders in general but not all are suitable for all hams. Thus, at Enrique Tomás we offer three types in our online store according to need and budget. Here you will find all the information about our ham holders and the one that best suits your budget and needs.


We insist on the point that knife cutting jamón is an art, when it is done well. Since a bad cut can not only ruin your ability to get the most out of your piece, but its flavor and texture will not be the real ones, which you should feel in every bite, therefore it would no longer be a pleasure and therefore would be serious. A great shame, spoiling a gastronomic gem like jamón.

The experts at Enrique Tomás know how to cut each slice so that it is a pleasure in every bite and they know how to get the most out of the piece that the client has chosen. Whether because you don't have the right tools or because you don't feel safe or comfortable enough to cut, buy sliced ​​ham or shoulder, we prepare it in all formats: slices, cubes and shavings.

Another reason to let our master Jamón carvers cut it is because they are going to vacuum pack it, and label it with the expiration date so that you can keep it for up to a minimum of five months in the refrigerator or in the pantry away from light and from direct heat. An advantage that we do not have if we buy it whole since we will have to cut it every day to keep it in perfect condition with all its aromas and texture intact and consume it in a maximum of three weeks in the case of ham and two in the case of shoulder.


We invite you to enter our YouTube channel where you will find videos on cutting ham and shoulder, among others, that can serve as a guide.