In today's society, sustainability has become in a fundamental value, and companies play an essential role in the construction of a more responsible and environmentally friendly future. In
Enrique Tomás we are committed to adopting practices to achieve a more sustainable world.

Regarding energy efficiency

We have implemented measures in our facilities, such as optimizing heating and cooling systems, using more efficient equipment, to save energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

Renewable energy

One of the ways we can contribute to a more sustainable future is through using spaces in our cities and companies in a smart and responsible way.

One of the emerging trends in this sense is the creation of sustainable installations on the roofs of buildings, and ours is so large that we could not miss it and we have installed large solar panels. These panels generate renewable energy that powers our headquarters building and greatly reduces our dependence on other non-renewable energy sources.

Local Products

As a company, we advocate that all our products are produced and treated sustainably. We work not only in relation to the product, but also in terms of production processes, the use of recyclable packaging and the promotion of proximity distribution (KM0), among other aspects.

We are committed to improving the quality of life and sustainable growth.

Sustainable transport

We are renewing our vehicle fleet to reduce pollution with low consumption engines and a long useful life.

Sustainability is a key factor for business success and the well-being of the planet. Our will is firm to continue improving the impact on our environment and continue innovating, to find the most environmentally friendly solutions.