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The label on the vacuum packaging of cured /cold meats is very important, as it provides information about the product, its origin and its production process. This label must comply with the legal regulations on food labelling and must be clearly visible on the packaging.

In the case of Iberian ham, for example, the label must include information on the product’s designation of origin, its class, the type of pig feed, the start and end date of curing, and the name and address of the processor.

It is also common for the label on the vacuum pack of cured meats to include nutritional information, such as fat, protein and sodium content. In addition, it may include recommendations for consumption and preservation of the product.

It is important for consumers to pay attention to the label on the vacuum pack of cured meats, as this information will allow them to know the quality and origin of the product, as well as the nutritional and preservation characteristics. In this way, they will be able to make informed decisions when purchasing and consuming these foods.

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