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Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging is a widely used technique to preserve the freshness of ham, whether it's sliced ham or Iberian ham.

It involves removing all the air from the container, creating an oxygen-free environment that extends the product's shelf life and maintains its organoleptic properties.

This process is particularly important in the case of Iberian ham, as it is carried out after the curing process and before it's commercialized. This ensures optimal preservation of the ham, preventing oxidation and deterioration of the product.

Vacuum packaging allows Iberian ham to maintain its aroma, flavor, and texture for a longer period, ensuring it reaches the end consumer in perfect condition.

However, it's essential to note that while vacuum packaging is effective for preservation, it's not recommended for long-term storage of Iberian ham.

To fully enjoy the organoleptic characteristics of this product, it's recommended to consume it within a relatively short time after vacuum packaging. Once opened, it should be consumed promptly, ideally within two days of opening. Storing the ham in the refrigerator at a temperature between 3 and 8 °C is crucial.

Additionally, before savoring it, it's advisable to remove it from the vacuum packaging in advance to let it reach room temperature, start releasing its flavors, and develop its characteristic shine. It will be at its best when the slices separate without breaking.

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