Find out who the winners of the Enrique Tomás Advent Calendar are!

Because Christmas is a time to feel like children again, at Enrique Tomás, we wanted to revive the tradition of the Advent calendar, but with an Iberian flavor, of course. From day 1 to day 24, we are giving away a succulent prize every day among participants who open the corresponding day's window, so you can delight yourself and your loved ones during the holidays.

Hams, cured meats, wines, and much more – every day a different prize and every day a new chance to win. The winners of each day will receive an email in their inbox to provide us with their details so we can send them the prize as soon as possible. You can keep an eye on this post to see who has won each day.


Best of luck to everyone!

  1. Anna Gimeno Amorós – Hand-sliced Iberian feed ham pouch.
  2. Manuel Zubeldia Huidobro – Book: "The Big Lies About Ham."
  3. Vanessa Vicente Campillo – Ham carving knife.
  4. Lucía Toimil Loureiro – Opera Prima white wine bottle.
  5. Raquel Lopez Nieto – Sliced Iberian chorizo.
  6. Laura Janeiro – Pata Negra white wine bottle.
  7. Xesca Molina – Hand-sliced Gran Reserva ham.
  8. Eunate Zalbide - Semi-cured manchego cheese wedge.
  9. Erika Meco Pérez - Ham cutting board.
  10. Laura Fernández Medrano - Cava Perelada Brut Reserva.
  11. Soledad Sánchez Gonell - Acorn-fed Iberian salchichón.
  12. Carol Puig Casanova - Machine-sliced Iberian cebo shoulder.
  13. Jesús Alba - Opera Prima rosé wine bottle.
  14. José Ramon - Fuet Extra ET. S/PIM gluten-free.
  15. Olga García - Machine-sliced Iberian cebo shoulder.
  16. Carmen Rubio - Opera Prima red wine bottle.
  17. Rocío García - Acorn-fed Iberian chorizo Campaña (1/4 piece).
  18. Ana Fernández - Reserve ham taquitos.
  19. Mar Pérez - Sliced acorn-fed Iberian salchichón.
  20. María Dolores García Ramos - Sliced acorn-fed Iberian ham.
  21. José Luis Mediano Olmo - Cecina from León.
  22. Elena Ftrmart - Extra fuet with pepper.
  23. Cristina Hernández - Pata Negra Roble red wine bottle.
  24. María José Alarcón - Sliced Iberian loin.

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