¿Cómo preparar la mesa para las celebraciones de verano?

How to prepare the table for summer celebrations?

With summer comes celebrations on terraces and tables full of typical dishes of this season. In Spain, one of the most important festivities is the beginning of summer, popularly known as San Juan's Eve. It's a magical evening full of fireworks and good company. Furthermore, it's the shortest night of the year. If you want to celebrate a grand San Juan's Eve at home, we'll show you how to set the table for summer celebrations.

Here's a hint! Every summer table should be laden with ham, Iberian cured meats, and tomato bread for accompaniment. That way, you're sure to enjoy to the fullest.

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Summer Celebrations Start at the Table

A proper celebration should begin with the table. At least, this is a deeply rooted truth in our Mediterranean culture. To learn how to set the table for summer celebrations, the first thing to consider is that celebrating is synonymous with enjoying and celebrating, both of which are closely related to a gathering of friends and family around a table, eating and drinking.

And, of course, sharing joy, emotions, and feelings. Everything flows better around a good table, and during San Juan's Eve, it must be especially filled with color and flavor, to give us happiness and energy, in a very short night that's also quite long.

Enrique Tomás' Summer Table

How to Decorate the Table for Summer Celebrations

Here are some tips and ideas for setting the table for summer celebrations. It can be useful for the magical night of San Juan or for any celebration on the terrace, in the garden, on the balcony, or even inside your home. Whenever it may be, the important thing is to bring joy and freshness to summer meals or dinners.



For decoration, nothing works better than seasonal flowers and fruits, such as cherries and grapes, which pair perfectly with cheeses or a good platter of Iberian assortments.

This time, we present you a table prepared by our Enrique Tomás team with fruits and wonderful fresh white and yellow daisies that fill the table with color and light. Additionally, we've added some wildflowers to further reinforce the idea of a "summer celebration".

Fruits and flowers to enliven and bring joy


Cutlery and Tablecloths

For setting this table, we've skipped the tablecloth at the base, but if you want to use one, we advise you to use neutral pastel colors and natural textures like linen, which remind us of those summer dinners that extend while we chat leisurely.

Forget about serving trays! In the summer, our looks become more comfortable and relaxed, right? So let's do the same with our table, allowing everything to flow easily and leaving aside complete and traditional tableware. For this summer table with plenty of ham and Iberian cured meats, we've replaced trays with boards and wood that highlight the color of the delicacy and make it the star.

Do you have doubts about how to plate the ham?

  • Discover the best way to do it and the criteria to choose the plate.


How to Plate Ham


The old custom of a lantern-shaped candle, the darker it gets, the more magical it becomes for a night that's just begun. Decorating with candles is something we love and, besides, it will help you create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Decorate Your Summer Table

How to Include Ham on the Table for Summer Celebrations

The plate of Iberian ham is essential in any celebration. Iberian ham is unique in the world; there's no other like it because it can only be made from the Iberian pig, a breed that's exclusively raised on the Iberian Peninsula and possesses genetic traits that make it special and ideal to be a culinary delight.

This uniqueness of the product makes it a most fitting choice for any special occasion and makes it the centerpiece of our tables during festivities like Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, family meals, or gatherings with friends.

  • Discover the role of Iberian ham in celebrations and note down your favorite ham recipes for your special occasions.


Enrique Tomás Experience


Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham

Traditional Spanish Drinks for Celebrations

No celebration is complete without a good glass of cava, or if you're buying ham, you might prefer to accompany it with a glass of Enrique Tomás wine pairing, be it white or red according to your preferences or both, so that everyone can enjoy what appeals to their palate.

Let us tell you about some of the most typical Spanish drinks! This way, you'll enjoy the pleasure of combining the most typical dishes with their best companions. Some of them include Spanish sangria, red or white wine, cava, or vermouth.

Which one do you prefer?


Spanish Sangria Recipe
Spanish Sangria Recipe

Cava pairs well with Iberian ham


Now that you know how to set the table for summer celebrations, have fun creating a simple yet heartfelt and colorful summer table. The details always make the difference!

For Enrique Tomás, the San Juan's Eve table is filled with ham, cured meats, wine, cava, fruits, flowers, and lots of creativity. And remember what we generally always say at Enrique Tomás, "when in doubt... less is more!" Leave the rest for another day, because summer has just begun!


Long Live Summer Festivals!

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