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Silver service breakfast with Enrique Tomás

You've probably heard many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting the day with the right energy is vital if we want to face long hours of work, study, and also if we have to help those who need us the most, whether they are parents, children, students, partners, etc. We need to fuel our bodies just like we do with our mobile phones or laptops.

At Enrique Tomás, breakfasts are especially appetizing. Who doesn't love a sandwich with Iberian ham on perfectly toasted bread, whether it's baguette or cereal bread or the delicious Tomasitos, small rolls from Antequera? Just thinking about it makes our mouths water.

If you prefer to have breakfast with a fork, Enrique Tomás also offers a variety of options, with or without ham. But if you're a lover of this culinary wonder that is uniquely ours, you're in the right place.

The Importance of Breakfast

When we wake up after several hours of rest, our bodies need to be reactivated. We need energy, especially because sleep depletes our mineral and vitamin reserves, so in the morning, we're somewhat lacking in these nutrients, and we need to replenish them.

Skipping breakfast or just having a coffee is not good for our bodies. It will switch to energy-saving mode, to continue with the mobile phone analogy, and won't operate at 100% of its physical or intellectual capacity. Therefore, for people in the growth phase, it's even more important and necessary to provide the nutrients needed to start the day in full form.

To perform better and at our best in our daily activities, we all need to start the day with a good breakfast. Moreover, Mediterranean-style breakfasts are highly recommended by nutritionists. Some people think that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight, but it's usually the opposite because when they finally eat, they're so hungry that they overindulge and overeat.

Skipping breakfast puts stress on our vital mechanisms because they don't have all the necessary energy to get through a day of work. When stressed, our bodies release substances that slow it down, which often results in storing more calories. So, it's not recommended at all. If you want to skip a meal, it's better to be dinner, although the ideal is to have a small dinner with easily digestible foods, especially if you won't be sleeping for a while.

Enrique Tomás Offers

Sandwiches That Bring Joy

If there's one thing we're known for, it's how we make our ham sandwiches. Years of experience with our customers speak for themselves. They all come with a choice of Iberian cured meats and two sizes of baguettes, one larger than the other, depending on your appetite. You'll find it hard to eat just one!

We also offer the same sandwiches on coca bread, if you prefer.

So, we have:

Two with Ham

  • One with 5-star hand-carved ham
  • One with 4-star premium hand-carved ham

Three with Shoulder

  • 5-star Shoulder
  • 4-star premium Shoulder
  • 4-star Shoulder

making the best ham sandwich
Ham sandwich

Others to choose from with baguette:

  • Cured sheep cheese
  • Semi-cured sheep cheese
  • Vic longaniza or fuet
  • Iberian Chorizo
  • 5-star Lomo
  • Spanish omelet
  • With Iberian sobrasada and brie cheese
  • With 4-star premium ham shavings and brie cheese

Delicious Spanish omelet filled with Iberian ham shavings

Perfect for kids' appetites, with a flauta bread roll or Tomasito (Antequera bread)

  • Ham shavings 5 stars
  • Ham shavings 4 stars
  • Tomasito with 5-star ham
Do you already know which one you want to start with?

For Fork Usage

  • Delicious non-fried bravas potatoes with ham shavings
  • Spanish omelet portion with or without shavings
  • Russian salad with or without ham
  • Freshly sliced assorted portions of different Iberian cured meats, ham, various sausages, cheeses
  • Various salads with ham, goat cheese, and much more.
  • Ham in small pieces

When it comes to drinks, choose your preference; we have something for everyone, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot, and cold. If your body is craving a good breakfast, come and check out our menu and ask our employees about the daily specials. If you can't sit down due to time constraints, ask for it to go and enjoy it leisurely at home or at the office.

Take your 15 minutes; peace and quiet allow us to relax, and that's also essential for proper digestion and getting the most out of the first meal of the day.

Let's start the day right!

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