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The most typical autumn recipes

August is already behind us, and we're entering autumn, a time for returning to routines, both in work and in eating habits. After the indulgences of summer, the snacking at all hours, the sugary desserts, beers, and vermouths, it's time to return to a somewhat more controlled and exercise-combined healthy diet. To help you with that, at Enrique Tomás, we want to suggest to you the most typical autumn recipes.

Let's face the seasonal change ahead with vigor and feel vital, no matter what comes, thanks to a good dietary routine based on one of the healthiest diets: the Mediterranean diet.


Detoxifying Autumn Recipes

Everyone has heard of detox diets at some point. This concept refers to consuming foods that help us cleanse our body and rid it of toxins and harmful fluids to clean the digestive system. However, this doesn't necessarily mean losing weight or reducing food intake. It's best to swap out some foods for others and increase fluid intake. Alcohol and soft drinks don't count!

It's especially recommended to follow this type of diet at the beginning of spring and again in autumn. Since these are transitional seasons, our bodies appreciate the changes, and it's when we can best help boost our immune system for the upcoming changes.


The Best Foods to Include in Autumn Recipes

It's always best to use seasonal products in dishes that are more suitable for the season: soups and vegetable creams with celery, turnip, fennel, pumpkin, carrot, or broccoli, among others. If you can't give up rice, opt for brown rice, just like with pasta, and in moderate quantities. Since they're whole grains, they're richer in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and they have fewer calories than regular pasta.

As for seasonal fruits, you can make juices, such as orange juice. Also, add a lemon for its high Vitamin C content.

You can also prepare juices combining fruits and vegetables to detoxify the liver; for example, pears contain lots of fiber and few calories. You can add leafy greens to the fruits, such as lettuce, spinach, or chard. Additionally, foods like carrots with a hint of ginger or turmeric will act as anti-inflammatories and add great flavor and color to your juices.

There are many combinations and recipes, but our advice is to try and find the ones you like the most because, as we mentioned before, the important thing is to have your mood accompany you and make you feel good. Despite what it might seem, a detoxifying diet will help you regain energy and a positive mood.


Fruit Juice


Autumn Salad
Autumn Salad 


What Are the Most Typical Autumn Dishes?

And of course, as could be expected, at Enrique Tomás, we invite you to enhance your soups, juices, and vegetables with ham. The flavor will be even more intense. As scientific studies support, Iberian acorn-fed ham is not only a delight for the palate but also a superfood with a high level of oleic acid and a lipid profile that gives it anti-inflammatory power. That's why in the following points, we propose the typical autumn recipes, including our star ingredient: Iberian ham.

Pumpkin Cream with Iberian Ham

During this time of the year, there's no doubt that enjoying a bowl of soup with any of the seasonal vegetables is appealing—nice and warm to quickly warm up and, above all, packed with the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Pumpkin is one of the standout seasonal products in autumn.

That's why incorporating it into recipes will be simple and very effective. The flavor contrast in this recipe is excellent, combining the sweetness of the pumpkin with the saltiness of the Iberian ham shavings.


Pumpkin CreamPumpkin Cream



Warm Mushroom and Iberian Ham Salad

Mushrooms are one of those foods that thrive thanks to the rains and the climate of this season. Cooking them is simple, and the result is always satisfying. The warm mushroom and ham salad is a delicious autumn dish that is nutritious.

With simple ingredients, we can create a unique dish, a delight made with mushrooms, crispy Iberian ham, zucchini, egg, mixed lettuce, and tomato.


Mushroom, Goat Cheese, and Iberian Ham SaladMushroom, Goat Cheese, and Iberian Ham Salad



Iberian Ham and Cheese with Quince Montadito

A very typical autumn appetizer that includes one of the most popular ingredients during this time of the year: quince. If you have the opportunity to make it at home, it's sure to be delicious.


  • We provide you with a recipe on how to prepare it, so you can give it a try.


This montadito (small sandwich) is a hit as a starter or appetizer at a shared lunch or dinner with friends or family. The contrast between sweet and salty is guaranteed. Enjoy the flavor nuances in this autumnal combination.


Quince, Ham, and Cheese RollQuince, Ham, and Cheese Roll



Green Bean, Sweet Potato, and Iberian Ham Salad

In autumn, and in any season of the year, we love salads. It's a type of dish that allows us to combine delicious ingredients and maintain a healthy diet. In this case, as a seasonal autumn product, we choose sweet potato, which we sauté and combine with green beans and Iberian ham (in your preferred format: slices, shavings, or cubes—all will yield great results).

That's it for our culinary suggestions for autumn. If you want to discover our Iberian products and see how to include them in your favorite autumn recipes, take a look at our online store and choose the ones you like the most. At Enrique Tomás, we want you to enjoy eating healthily and deliciously.

Take care with flavorful Iberian treats!

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