Hueso Enrique Tomás


The ham bone is an important part of the anatomy of the Iberian ham, as it contains a large amount of flavour and aroma that are transmitted to the meat during the curing process. In addition, the bone acts as a natural barrier that protects the meat from the outside and helps to maintain the right humidity during the maturation process.

Another important aspect of the ham bone is that it is used as an indicator of the quality of the ham. A well-formed and compact bone indicates that the animal has had a good diet and has developed its musculature properly. The colour of the bone can also be observed, which can indicate the age of the animal and, therefore, the quality of the ham.

Finally, the ham bone is also used by ham cutters to hold the ham while cutting it, which allows for a more precise and uniform cut.

In short, the ham bone is an important part of the curing and maturing process of Iberian ham, and its presence and quality indicate the quality of the final product.

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