cómo cortar jamón

“Vuelta al ruedo”

The “vuelta al ruedo” is a technique used in ham slicing that consists of turning the piece of ham to make the most of its surface. It is a very common technique in Spanish culture, as it allows thin and tasty slices to be obtained from all areas of the ham.

To carry out the “vuelta al ruedo” technique, it is necessary to have a piece of ham well secured in a ham holder and a good slicing blade. The cutter starts by making an incision in the highest part of the ham, near the hip, and begins to cut thin, uniform slices.

As the ham is cut, the piece is rotated so that the area to be cut is always in the most comfortable and accessible position for the cutter. In this way, maximum use is made of the meat of the ham and thin, tasty slices are obtained from all areas of the piece.

It is important to emphasise that the technique of the “vuelta al ruedo” requires practice and skill on the part of the slicer, as it is necessary to have good control of the blade and to know the anatomy of the ham well in order to obtain the best results. In addition, it is important to always cut in the opposite direction to the bone to avoid cutting the meat unevenly and to obtain uniform and perfect slices.

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