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Brandy 12 Fundador

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Discover the uniqueness of the collection with our featured product: Brandy 12 Fundador. This selection begins with the creation of Fundador Supremo, a Prestige Brandy that unveils unique flavors. Through Fundador Triple Madera and Doble Madera, you will explore intense nuances that will ultimately lead you to Fundador Sherry Cask Solera, the original Brandy adapted to new palates.

The collar certifies the age of each Jerez wine, guaranteeing the authenticity of the Brandy. Fundador Supremo, the precursor to the Sherry Cask Collection, elevates the Brandy category to the highest level. Aged in Sherry Casks previously seasoned with 12-year-old Pedro Ximénez.


Size: 70 cl.

Alcohol Content: 40.00%.

Winery: Fundador.

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula

  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product

Brandy 12 Fundador - Enrique Tomás
Brandy 12 Fundador - Enrique Tomás
Brandy 12 Fundador - Enrique Tomás
Brandy 12 Fundador - Enrique Tomás


Tasting Note


The Brandy 12 Fundador presents itself with a captivating topaz amber color, illuminated by golden flashes that highlight its brilliance and luminosity.


The aromatic complexity of this exceptional brandy is truly outstanding. Spicy notes unfold, weaving an intriguing olfactory tapestry. Essence of ripe dried fruits, sweet vanilla, honey, and toffee distinguish themselves, contributing to a perfectly balanced sweetness. Additionally, subtle hints of oak wood are perceived, providing depth and character.


Upon tasting, a smoothness and velvety texture are revealed, transforming the experience into a sensory delight. Its luscious texture harmoniously blends with the distinguished quality, presenting a rounded profile that defines it as an exceptional brandy. On the palate, notes of dark chocolate stand out, adding a touch of elegance and a seductive finish.


Our Recommendation

  • Consumption Occasion: Ideal to be enjoyed as the perfect ending to a special lunch or dinner. Its quality invites a moment of relaxation and delight.

  • Service Temperature: To enhance its flavors and aromas, it is recommended to serve this brandy cool, maintaining it between 10-15°C, providing the ideal temperature to savor each nuance.
  • Recommended Storage: Store the bottle in a dry place at room temperature to preserve its quality over time and ensure that each sip maintains its excellence.

  • Recommended Glass: Serve in a carved low glass to appreciate its aromatic complexity and smoothness on the palate. Each sip is a celebration of the senses.

  • Pairing: This exquisite brandy harmonizes perfectly with nuts, pastries, chocolate, as well as spicy and seasoned dishes. Its versatility in pairing makes it the ideal choice for different moments and occasions, providing a complete gastronomic experience. Discover the versatility of Fundador Solera on every occasion!


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      Store the bottle in a dry environment and at room temperature, thus safeguarding the integrity and quality of this exquisite Brandy.