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Brandy Fundador Solera

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Discover the exquisite Solera Brandy with Specific Designation Brandy de Jerez: Fundador Solera. This jewel is crafted from 100% selected grapes from the prestigious Pago de Macharnudo, being the true pioneer of Brandy de Jerez in Spain. More than a classic, it is a declaration of tradition and quality that endures over time. Elevate your special moments with the authenticity and unparalleled flavor of Fundador Solera.

Format: 70 cl.

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Brandy Fundador Solera - Enrique Tomás


Tasting Note


This Brandy captivates with its aged golden tone, displaying glimmers that evoke the color palette of a rainbow, providing a unique visual experience.


Experience an exceptional balance and unparalleled aromatic clarity. It reveals captivating fragrances of the wood that has housed the Jerez wines during their aging process, providing a unique and enveloping olfactory experience.


The palate is pleasantly surprised by the smoothness and persistence that characterize this exceptional brandy. Each sip is an unparalleled sensory experience.


Our Recommendation

  • Consumption Time: Fundador Solera is the perfect choice as a final glass after a meal, accompanying coffee and desserts. It can also be enjoyed neat or mixed with sodas, creating a unique and versatile experience.

  • Service Temperature: To enhance its flavors and aromas, it is suggested to serve this brandy cool, maintaining it between 10-15°C, providing the ideal temperature to enjoy each nuance.

  • Recommended Storage: Store the bottle in a dry place at room temperature to preserve its quality over time and ensure that each sip maintains its excellence.

  • Pairing: This brandy pairs perfectly with nuts, pastries, chocolate, as well as with spicy and seasoned dishes. Its versatility in pairing makes it an ideal choice for different moments and occasions, offering a complete gastronomic experience. Discover the versatility of Fundador Solera on every occasion!


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<p>Store the bottle in a dry and room-temperature environment to safeguard the integrity and quality of this exquisite Brandy.</p>