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Gewürztraminer glass wine 375ml

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A classic sweet Gewürztraminer made by the Gramona family. Ideal for sweets and desserts. Keep in a cool place. It is recommended to serve between 14º- 16ºC

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Gewürztraminer glass wine 375ml



Preparation: after years in search of a wine capable of showing the richness of the
sweet ice wines, and in use of the most avant-garde technology, Vino de Glass
It is made by freezing the grapes at their optimal ripeness. After a slow and natural fermentation, the result is a fruity and
very concentrated, sweet and refreshing at the same time.

Tasting's notes:

Sensations: expressive, with aromas of exotic fruits such as lychees and mango, and a
delicate floral touch. With a friendly and persistent entry, it stands out for its refreshing finish
that balances its sweetness.

Glass Wine Moment: surprising as an aperitif, this sweet wine pairs especially well with fruit-based dishes. Furthermore, its refreshing acidity and natural sweetness , in harmonious contrast, allow for other possibilities. We love it with hoyas and soft cheeses.

Ecology and sustainability

For us, wine is a way of feeling and sharing, of relating to the world and with the environment that surrounds us. That's why we take care of our vineyards by working our lands through organic and biodynamic agriculture. Furthermore, we use sustainable practices also to the winery, such as reducing the weight of packaging - which implies a reduction in the carbon footprint in its transportation -, the use of renewable energy - such as solar energy -. All of this helps us maintain a rich and varied ecosystem, beneficial for the environment and, therefore, for the grapes we use to make our wines.


  • Sweet wine


D.O. Penedés


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