5 recetas de temporada con jamón Enrique Tomás

5 seasonal recipes with ham

Ham accompanies us throughout the year, but when the cold weather arrives, seasonal foods come with it: Artichokes, cardoons, wild mushrooms, peas, sweet potatoes... At Enrique Tomás, we've put together a selection of some of the best recipes. Find everything you need in our stores. Are you up for it?

You can prepare a delicious pumpkin soup, figs with ham, Iberian ham croquettes, pumpkin rice, chestnut cream, or even make use of ham leftovers with our provided recipes.

And we're also sharing tutorials for several more recipes.

Time to eat!


Artichokes with Ham and Wine

Cardoons with Ham

Stewed Wild Mushrooms with Ham



Peas with Ham and Poached Egg

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