Give away 7 experiences with ham

During this holiday season, we tend to cook more. If 15 people are coming over for a meal, we'll cook for 24, just in case they're still hungry. First, we need some appetizers, and it's at this moment that we bring out the platter or the ham leg, and everyone's eyes light up, and a smile appears – Christmas has already begun.

You take your glass of champagne and suddenly... canapés, small sandwiches, and an array of dishes that give the false impression that this is the meal... If you have ham, use it to create your appetizers – they'll taste more like Christmas!!


Gift 7 Jamón Experiences

From the most traditional to the most original, we all know how to eat ham, but have you ever thought about... What experience do you want to have with ham?

Believe it or not, the classic ham doesn't always have to be the same. With Enrique Tomás, you choose whether you want a more traditional experience, whether you want a lot of ham or not so much, whether you want to learn or just indulge, have it delivered to your home, or buy it in the store.

Enrique Tomás thinks of each one of us. Which type are you?

A Whole Ham

For the more romantic, having a ham at home is a must during certain times of the year. Slicing it layer by layer makes the ham taste even better, as the challenge of cutting it results in an exquisite outcome.

  • If you want to learn to carve, Enrique Tomás offers carving courses in Barcelona and Madrid.


Jamón Experience Box

Perfect for gifting, this box will delight lovers of ham cubes. Inside a modern box, you'll find 6 different types of ham (reserva, ibérico, and the 4 flavors of acorn-fed ham) with a booklet providing information about each type of ham.

Caja Cata Jamones
Jamón Experience Book

For those who enjoy eating well with company, this book contains 80g of each of the 6 different flavors of ham for you to indulge with your loved ones. Treat yourself to a tasting!

Travel Pack

This is the ideal ham for lovers of convenience. Inside the suitcase, you'll find:

  • A whole ham, sliced and vacuum-packed, making a total of 36 ham packages (23 hand-sliced and 10 machine-sliced).
  • 2 packages of diced ham.
  • 2 packages of ham shavings, for the most convenient way to enjoy.

Traveling with ham is now easy. Don't forget to ask for the bones for a good broth!

Home Ham Tasting

Some people order pizza, while others are more gourmet and prefer to sample 6 or 4 types of ham. Perfect for 2 to 3 people. If you're into unique plans, this is for you!


Jamón Cones

For those who enjoy snacking! There are Iberian ham cones, and cones of ham from the four acorn-fed ham origins indicated by the colored cones. Enjoy them on the go or set up a fun table with our colored cones. 


1 kg Box

For those who are sure, who don't want a whole ham but also don't want just two packages. For those who like round numbers.

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