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Enrique Tomás 4 Stars Ham cubes -400g

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  • Cebo 50% Iberian breed

  • Alimentación: Pienso + Cereales

  • Curación +24 meses

  • It may contain traces of milk and soya protein.

Enrique Tomás' 4-star ham taquitos are handmade by our experts. They taste delicious at any time of the day, alone or accompanied. The little ones in the house love it! And to the not so little ones!

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula

  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product

Taquitos de Jamón Enrique Tomás 4 Estrellas - 400g Taquitos 22.00
Taquitos de Jamón Enrique Tomás 4 Estrellas - 400g Taquitos 22.00
comprar TAQUITOS de jamón Enrique Tomás 4 Estrellas - 400g


Jamón cubes 4 Stars

How are the jamón cubes made?

In this case they come from our 4-star Jamón.

They are handmade by our experts from the part closest to the bone, from the shank area, and where no further can be cut, which is why they are so tasty and more cured.

Jamón Cebo 50% Iberian breed

The Jamón de Cebo 50% Iberian breed is made with one of the most outstanding products of Spanish gastronomy: the Iberian pig, a breed that is only found in the peninsula of the same name.

At Enrique Tomás we want to exalt this delight to the maximum, which is why we offer a product of the highest quality, made from the hind leg of Iberian pigs fed with feed, cereals and grass and cured for 24 months.

The Iberian pig is a unique breed of its kind and only present in Spain and Portugal. Its genetics allow it to infiltrate fat into the muscle, giving its meat white veins and a unique taste and juiciness.

At Enrique Tomás we want to exalt this product to the maximum, that is why we offer a very high quality Iberian breed, made after an exhaustive selection of the best specimens, with rigorous cooking and a strict curing process in which all conditions are guaranteed. to finally obtain a perfect and delicious ham on the palate.


Energy Value (KJ/kcal)

1261 KJ

303 kcal

Fat 19.2 g

of which:

  • saturated fatty acids 7.81 g

Carbohydrates 0.1 g

of which:

  • sugars < 0.1 g

Proteins 32.3 g

Salt 4.86 g


Store refrigerated between 3 – 8ºC. Necessary to maintain the qualities organoleptic and microbiological characteristics of the product. Once opened, keep refrigerated maximum of 3 days


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    Ibérica de Cebo


    Alimentación: Pienso + Cereales


    Curación +24 meses




    It may contain traces of milk and soya protein.