Recetas detox para después del verano Enrique Tomás

After-summer detox recipes

Summer and vacations are filled with excesses, eating out, and irregular meals. That's why, when we get back to our routine, it's important to resume our healthy eating habits.

If deemed necessary, we can also detoxify our bodies to eliminate toxins acquired during the holidays. In this post, we'll present you with some post-summer detox recipe ideas.

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Are You Familiar with the Detox Concept?

Lately, this concept has become widespread, and we're all familiar with it, but do we truly understand what it means? The term detox refers to a process in which someone abstains from or eliminates toxic or unhealthy substances from their body (Oxford Dictionary).

When Is It Appropriate to Follow a Detox Diet?

Mainly, after periods of excess like vacations, parties, etc. During these times, we tend to increase consumption of less healthy foods and sugars. Detox recipes help our bodies eliminate what they don't need, in addition to clearing out accumulated toxins acquired during a period of indulgence.

Does Following a Detox Diet Mean Only Consuming Juices?

No, it doesn't have to! Detox diets based on cleansing juices have become popular in recent years, but if you want to follow one, we recommend consulting a specialist and doing thorough research beforehand.

Keep in mind that detoxifying the body doesn't solely rely on this option; there are also various detox recipes composed of detoxifying ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. Thanks to the natural supply of vitamins and antioxidants, these recipes also yield good results.

Now, we'll provide you with some ideas to prepare cleansing and healthy dishes!

Detox Recipe Ideas

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are generally highly antioxidant foods. Besides their cleansing qualities, consuming them provides significant benefits to the body. Salads, dishes based on vegetables or fruits, and vegetable soups are always good options within a healthy and light diet.


In salads, you have the opportunity to combine different detoxifying ingredients while still enjoying your meal to the fullest. In this case, we present you with two options that you'll love.

Discover their step-by-step preparation!


Spinach leaf salad with zucchini, ricotta, and ham
Spinach leaf salad with zucchini, ricotta, and ham

Light and fresh salad with hamLight and fresh salad

Vegetable or Fruit-Based Dishes

In this case, we'll provide you with three detox recipes based on plant ingredients.

Vegetable Medley

In this case, we've prepared a vegetable medley with seasonal vegetables such as cauliflower, green beans, artichokes, and carrots. Additionally, we've added a distinctive touch using our star ingredient: iberian ham.

  • Discover its step-by-step preparation.

Vegetable medley with hamVegetable medley with ham

Artichokes with Ham

Artichokes with ham is one of the most classic dishes in our cuisine and meets the criteria of a detox recipe. The dish is based on a vegetable ingredient—artichoke—in combination with ham in the form of shavings, providing an intense flavor that perfectly complements the unique taste of this vegetable.

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Artichokes with hamArtichokes with ham

Melon Skewer with Ham

Fruits are also highly detoxifying ingredients, so finding fruit-based dishes can fit perfectly into a detox diet proposal.

  • This melon skewer with ham is an example of that. You'll love it!

Melon skewers with hamMelon skewers with ham

Original Detox Recipes

We often think that when we want to eat healthily, lightly, or eliminate toxins, we can't enjoy our food. At Enrique Tomás, we work every day to debunk this belief. You can enjoy 100% delicious dishes while still meeting your goals. In this case, we provide you with an idea that's both original and simple, fitting perfectly with the previous detox recipes.

Ham Tartare

This dish is light, quick, and composed of a set of ingredients that make it incredibly healthy.

  • We'll walk you through preparing it step by step!

Surprise your guests or family members with this recipe that allows you to enjoy your food without sacrificing health or adhering to your dietary guidelines.

Iberian ham tartareIberian ham tartare


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