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believe and let believe

Being an entrepreneur is an attitude. It's an act of irresponsibility that later makes you responsible. When you start a business, you never lose, because you either win or learn from your mistakes. And Enrique Tomás Ruiz knows this very well.

He comes from a family of eleven siblings, all dedicated to the field of food. He started this entrepreneurial project in 1982 from a small stall in the Salud Market in the city of Badalona. Together with an increasingly large family of new crew members and a lot of enthusiasm, he has built a project with a single goal: To give a name to ham in the world.

Proof of this is his participation in the commercial of Banco Sabadell's "Believe" campaign, which airs on television, alongside Gemma Nierga and other successful entrepreneurs like Marta Seco, Félix Tena (Imaginarium), Manuel Teruel (Superior Council of Chambers of Commerce), and Clemente Cebrian (El Ganso).

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Enrique Tomás is the result of a dream. Fight to make yours come true!

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