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Buy Jamón Zero Cero by Enrique Tomás, the healthiest Jamón in the world

At Enrique Tomás, as you know, we've been dedicated to ham for many years. Our commitment to the product has always been based on three pillars: providing the best quality in each range, introducing this gastronomic pleasure to everyone, and taking care of our customers' health to the best of our abilities.

Continuing with this approach, we have now created a Zero Zero Ham (0.0%) for those individuals who need or want to follow a low-calorie, low-sugar, and high-protein diet.

In fact, this initiative arose from the request of many of our athletic or special dietary needs customers who need to manage their weight and body carefully but do not wish to give up this culinary treasure or enjoy it more frequently than usual.

Thus, the Enrique Tomás Zero Zero Ham was born. Let us tell you all about it.

Although our exceptional Zero Zero Ham is no longer available on our website, we invite you to discover our Gran Reserva Ham, which also has a very low fat content. This ham remains an unrivalled choice to satisfy your senses and take care of your wellbeing. Join us on this gastronomic journey and experience the true passion for ham!


Want to enjoy the best Iberian ham without neglecting your figure?

Thanks to the advice of LorenaONFIT and Enrique Tomás ham, it is now possible with the different qualities of 0.0% Ham. All ham produced in the Iberian Peninsula that is of quality has beneficial nutritional properties for health if eaten in moderation and always following the advice of our doctor, as we should follow dietary guidelines to take better care of ourselves.

There have always been many myths about ham and its consumption—some are lies, and others are truths. At Enrique Tomás, if you follow us a little, you'll know that we always talk about both, making it clear in each case, as explained by Enrique Tomás himself in his book "The Great Lies of Ham", among many other publications you'll also find here.

The ultimate truth of all is that it is an exquisite food that delights our senses and accompanies us in the best moments and all celebrations. It is not a food eaten to stave off hunger; it obviously satisfies us, but it is much more—it's part of our gastronomic and social culture.

It's rare not to find a plate of ham at a family gathering or even a work event, on a Christmas table, at a social gathering. And another proven scientific truth is that ham, made in the Iberian Peninsula, is attributed with many good nutritional properties: a source of minerals and vitamins, and above all, oleic oil, so good for producing the so-called good cholesterol.


One falsehood is categorically stating that ham simply makes you gain weight. First of all, we should consider the quality of the ham in question, the amount consumed, and of course, the frequency of consumption. Most foods lead to weight gain when consumed excessively; we all know that nuts, in general, are packed with beneficial nutrients for the body but are also very calorific, so we should consume them in small amounts daily or weekly. As advised by nutrition experts, even in a weight loss diet, foods should not be banned.

This doesn't mean we can eat whatever we want, but rather we should know the appropriate quantity to consume. Something similar applies to Ham, and in fact, to many foods, even fruit.

Faced with this challenge, we set out to work, knowing that our product was already of the highest quality; we just needed to see how to obtain the Zero Zero Ham from our pieces. We came to the conclusion that three of our types of ham had the best conditions for extracting it.


Where is the 0.0% Ham Obtained From?

The Enrique Tomás Zero Ham is obtained from three qualities of Enrique Tomás Ham: a non-Iberian ham and two Iberian hams: Gran Reserva Ham, 50% Ibérico Cebo de Campo Ham, and 50% Ibérico Bellota Ham, respectively. And not from just anywhere! The ham with almost no fat, no calories, and high protein content is obtained from the inner part of the counter muscle, previously deboned and then hand-cut and defatted by our experts.


Gran Reserva Zero Zero Ham

Our Gran Reserva is a top seller and quite well-known among our regular customers. It is a non-Iberian ham, commonly known as a Gran Reserva Ham, and is one of the best on the market, not overly salty and gentle on the palate, so much so that the whole family enjoys it.

The result is a very tender and lean ham, with excellent properties that make it ideal for any hypocaloric diet. When you buy Gran Reserva Zero Zero Ham, you're getting a completely light ham with the same juiciness as always.

50% Ibérico Cebo de Campo Zero Zero Ham

The 50% Ibérico Cebo de Campo Ham is one of the most special hams because it is both a field and farm ham. It has eaten feed and cereals mixed with herbs and wild fruits from the field in adulthood.

It falls between Gran Reserva and Ibérico Bellota. Buying the 50% Ibérico Cebo de Campo Zero Zero Ham means getting the best quality-price ratio, with the highest quality.

50% Ibérico Bellota Zero Zero Ham

We are facing one of the best hams in the world, the 50% Ibérico Bellota Ham. Its nutritional properties are excellent and among the healthiest options, especially if you want to fully enjoy its superior qualities, such as B-group vitamins, the large amount of oleic oil it contains, unsaturated fatty acids, etc.

Like all Zero Zero Hams, this one is extracted from the boned center of the Bellota ham, closer to the bone, where there is no external fat, and the little that may remain comes naturally from the unique ability of the Iberian breed to infiltrate fat into the muscle and, in this particular case, from the acorns consumed by the Iberian pig during the Montanera period.

Properties of Enrique Tomás Zero Zero Ham According to Quality

To give you a real understanding of the nutritional properties of each type of ham, here's the properties table:

G.Reserva Normal %
Iberian Normal %Difference Bellota Normal % Difference
Energy Value 154,4 192 -19% Energy Value 145,2 305,6 -52% Energy Value 174,24 291,208 -40%
Total fat 3,84 9,6 -60% Total fat 3,44 22,32 -84% Total fat 4,96 21,68 -77%
Saturated fats 1,28 3,84 -66% Saturated fats 1,36 9,568 -85% Saturated fats 1,76 8,504 -79%
Carbohydrates 0,32 0 100,0% Carbohydrates 0,48 0,88 -45% Carbohydrates 0,48 0,432 -11%
Sugars 0,32 0 100,0% Sugars 0,48 0,64 -25% Sugars 0,48 0,312 -53%
Proteins 29,6 26,4 12% Proteins 28,08 25,84 8% Proteins 31,92 23,44 36%
Salt 3,6 4 -10% Salt 4,84 3,176 52% Salt 4,04 3,84 5%

Special Offer on an Ideal Combination of Zero Zero Ham Packs

All the Zero Zero Hams are delicious, and we invite you to try each one and alternate between them. For this purpose, we have prepared convenient packs so you can take advantage of this magnificent offer. Try them all!

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Zero Zero Ham Tasting
Buy Zero Zero Ham Tasting

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