se puede congelar el chorizo iberico

Can Iberian chorizo ​​be frozen?

Iberian chorizo is a sausage made from a mixture of different cuts of meat from authentic Iberian pigs, and although it is much simpler and quicker to make than curing ham, it requires the same care.

If you've ever wondered if you can freeze Iberian chorizo, at Enrique Tomás, we'll tell you that the answer is yes, but the real question is:

Is it worth it? No, let's see why.


Why it doesn't make sense to freeze Iberian chorizo?

To make Iberian chorizo, different cuts of meat from Iberian pigs are first mixed, seasoned with spices – especially paprika, which gives it that characteristic color – and then stuffed into casings. Once the sausage is ready, it is hung and left to dry for three to five months in a dry, cool, and dark place to prevent heat and sunlight from affecting its meat.


Packaging Types

Once the chorizos are at their prime, they are prepared for commercialization, and in the case of Enrique Tomás, we do it in three ways: packaging whole pieces, half pieces, or slicing both and vacuum-sealing 80 grams.

Iberian Acorn-Fed Mild Chorizo - 80g Pack

Iberian Acorn-Fed Mild Chorizo - 80g Pack


Of course, you should keep in mind that all three product types are vacuum-sealed, meaning we have placed them in their packages and removed all the air using air pumps to prevent oxygen from spoiling the meat. Thanks to this preservation process, we extend the shelf life of the food by up to three months. Therefore, Why would you need to freeze chorizo? You don't.

Subjecting the meat to sub-zero temperatures ruins the nuances and textures of these products, and as we have already explained that there is an alternative, freezing makes no sense. Both the farmers who care for and feed the Iberian pigs and the producers who make the chorizos and sausages follow a meticulous process to ensure that you can enjoy top-quality meat later on.


How We Operate at Enrique Tomás

From the moment the pigs are born, ham artisans take care of their diet, whether it's based on feed or acorns, and they oversee and nurture the Iberian pigs in the best way. After obtaining their meat, experts closely monitor the entire process. Since we want this level of care and attention to continue, we vacuum-seal the chorizos and sausages, and we do not freeze them.

It's worth noting that at Enrique Tomás, we never, ever freeze our products, whether they are shoulders, hams, sausages, or cheeses. As we know that vacuum-sealing yields better results, we always opt for this process, and thanks to it, we can extend the shelf life of our products by up to three months more.

Freezing Iberian Chorizo

So, can you freeze Iberian chorizo? Technically, yes, but does it make sense? As you can see, not at all. If you want to buy sausages or pieces to store and not consume immediately, look for vacuum-sealed ones and avoid the hassle.

This way, you will also avoid unnecessarily filling up the freezer, which is usually always full. If you haven't opened all the sliced packages yet, don't worry; they keep very well at room temperature, up to about 20 degrees, and if you have a pantry or a cool place, even better. Always check the expiration date and for any questions, contact us via chat or our website.

We are always at your service!

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