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Compilation album contest #MOMENTOS…

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Better than grandma's family album!

La Rambla is a place of contrasts where you can encounter all kinds of passersby if you pay close attention. As you know, our contest #momentosenriquetomas has come to an end, and with it, we have accumulated lots of wonderful moments captured in photos you have sent us.

Because the ENRIQUE TOMÁS moments are created by you!

The day-to-day life of each store is filled with funny moments, like watching someone trying to remove a piece of sausage from between their teeth and making funny faces.

  • Difficult moments, like seeing a child cry because the last piece of ham has run out.

  • Romantic moments, like a couple sharing a knowing look as they decide who gets the last olive.

  • Musical moments, like a group of friends singing along to the song playing on the background music.

  • Heartwarming moments, like seeing a grandmother buying her husband's favorite acorn-fed ham to bring him joy.

  • Relaxing moments, like observing a man sitting at the bar and ordering that post-work coffee that relaxes him so much.

We hope the winners have made the most of your prize. The kitchen table seems happier with a "No Te Cortes" Iberian ham.

That's why we know these moments will continue, and that's priceless.

Thank you very much to everyone for making these moments possible and for the ones to come. Our goal is to make you happy with the ham you love the most.

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