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Enrique Tomás and Nutrisport launch Gran Reserva Zero Ham together

The world's largest chain of ham shops and the leading brand in sports nutrition have joined forces to offer a unique ham in the market.

For some time now, the executives of both companies have shared a great friendship and the willingness to collaborate on a business adventure together. Their wishes have finally come true, and the R&D teams of both companies have combined efforts to face a new challenge and create an unprecedented product, the Gran Reserva Zero Ham.

Enrique Tomás and Nutrisport

Leaders in their respective sectors, with over 35 years of experience, have decided to embark on a great adventure together. Although this union may seem strange, when we think about their common interests, we'll better understand the Joint Venture of the partners.

Enrique Tomás

At Enrique Tomás, we know, love, and take very good care of our gastronomic product par excellence, ham, both Iberian and non-Iberian. Our range of cured hams always guarantees the highest quality according to the type of ham we sell because we care about our customers enjoying ham while taking care of their health. Proof of this is our pedagogical and informative interest beyond purely commercial, as can be seen through our blog and on social media.


When we talk about Nutrisport, we think of quality sports supplements such as bars, gels, and energy drinks. Their products are designed to meet the needs of athletes from any discipline or for people who are simply concerned with maintaining a healthy diet. And this is precisely where both companies have come together, with the same concern for offering healthy nutrition without giving up the maximum gastronomic pleasure that is so characteristic of eating ham.

The Gran Reserva Zero Ham

This union has resulted in the Gran Reserva Zero Ham. This ham comes from Enrique Tomás' Gran Reserva Ham, aged for a minimum of 18 months. More specifically, it consists of slices extracted from the sirloin area, which is the opposite side of the ham from the hock and is characterized by minimal fat infiltration due to its proximity to the bone. The result is a ham with maximum flavor and high protein content, gluten-free, and free from allergenic ingredients.

If serrano ham is one of the healthiest red meats, along with Iberian ham, due to its high biological, protein, and vitamin value, the Gran Reserva Zero Ham is even healthier. If, in general, 100 grams of serrano ham have about 240 Kcal, 100 grams of this Gran Reserva Zero Ham have only 154 Kcal. This is because, at Enrique Tomás, once we have sliced it from the piece, we manually remove all the external fat, and since it has very little infiltrated fat, its slices are lean but full of flavor.

For athletes and, in general, all people who must and want to take care of their figure and weight without giving up ham, this is probably the option that best suits their needs and the miracle they have been waiting for: Zero Ham, Ten Pleasure.

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