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Enrique Tomás is also woman

Today, we celebrate International Women's Day, and at Enrique Tomás, we want to commemorate it as well, especially because women make up 54% of our workforce compared to 46% of men. Among all of them, one stands out as the person who, alongside Enrique Tomás, embarked on this journey to bring ham to the world. From day one, she has been the woman and the most trusted employee, Maria Rosario Ruiz Montero, known as "La Rosi."

Rosi is the Head of the Production and Quality Department at Enrique Tomás, the most important department due to its key role in the company's main activity, which is the cutting and packaging for the distribution of ham and all sliced products to Enrique Tomás stores.

If anyone is irreplaceable for Enrique in our company, it's Rosi, and we all share that sentiment.

Now, let us explain why!

Interview with Rosi, Head of the Production and Quality Department and Colleague

When the Marketing Department of the company proposed to pay a small tribute to a colleague on International Women's Day, the unanimous cry for "La Rosi" was resounding. There was no discussion. She is our head in the most demanding section of the company, both physically and in terms of organizational skills and dedication.

Our activities branch out into many aspects as a company, but it is fundamentally based on one, which is the quality control of our flagship product, ham, and the production of all packaging to be distributed in the 110 stores we have, both here and abroad.

Although we may not like to think of it this way, it doesn't change the reality: many, without knowing Rosi, would think that a man holds her position, given the responsibility and especially the physical aspect of the role. However, simply by knowing her and seeing her work in the La Salut Market for over 30 years, Enrique Tomás was clear. He needed her for his great future project!

We meet with Rosi in our quality center, and we see her in the midst of hanging hams, smelling and checking the curing progress and their status:

  • Can you explain your role in the company, Rosi?

"I'm responsible for the quality control of the ham pieces and also the production chain."

  • How did you start at Enrique Tomás?

"I worked at a stall in the La Salut Market in Badalona, in competition with Enrique Tomás. One day, Enrique approached me and said he wanted me for his new store. At first, I didn't want to because I had a stable job where I was and suggested a colleague, but Enrique told me it was either me or no one. In the end, he convinced me, and here I am."

  • How would you describe Enrique Tomás as a company in a few words?

"All heart."

  • And its founder, Enrique Tomás?

"The same. I'd add kindness, family. That's why I'm still here."

  • It's clear that you enjoy your work, but it couldn't have been easy to balance it with family life, right?

"It hasn't been easy, no, but I suppose, like with all jobs, being a woman with responsibilities both inside and outside the home, it hasn't always been easy. But I'm very happy because I enjoy my work and take it very seriously. The main thing is to enjoy it because that shows, and people notice it."

We need to follow her because she never stops, and she takes us to the other part where the cutting, selection, and packaging of ham and other sliced products take place:

  • Finally, to not take up any more of your time. Would you start over, in the same way?

"If I put all the positive things ahead, yes, of course. Besides, the years have flown by, and I still enjoy what I do."

If you want to see Rosi's face and hear her directly, you can do so through this link:

I suppose now it's clearer who this woman and colleague "La Rosi" is. She's someone we admire and respect a lot.

Enrique Tomás stands out for having a significant presence of women in its workforce, both in leadership positions and in stores. The company values gender diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all its employees, fostering an inclusive and equitable environment in all areas of the organization. This has allowed women to play a prominent role in decision-making and in managing various key aspects of the company.

That's why we're proud to say that Enrique Tomás is also a woman.

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