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Can serrano ham be fried?

Serrano ham is an exquisite delicacy that can be included in a variety of dishes, whether cured, fried, or cooked. That's why many people wonder, can serrano ham be fried?

The answer is YES, you can fry or cook your cured ham, but before doing so, there are some tricks to consider that we will share with you at Enrique Tomás. Depending on the dish you're preparing, you'll need to follow specific steps in the preparation; let's look at some examples!


How to Incorporate Serrano Ham into Different Dishes

Serrano ham is a key ingredient in various types of dishes, such as broken eggs with ham or lentils with ham. But how do you cook it? When it comes to making lentils, the answer is simple; you just need to include the ham in the cooking process. However, it's different for eggs with ham, in this case, the process is different.

To make broken eggs, all you have to do is fry the potatoes and place them in an earthenware dish or a similar container. Place the fried eggs on top of the potatoes and finally add the cured ham, either chopped into cubes or thin slices; your dish will be exquisite without the need to fry the ham!


Other Examples

Now, imagine you want to make spaghetti carbonara, but instead of bacon, you'll use some cured ham. In this case, you do need to fry the ham, but don't add any oil. Simply cut your cured ham into small pieces and place it in a pan over low heat; it will fry in its own fat and become crispy.

If you want to make ham croquettes, the process is the same as in the previous case. In this case, you should also consider one small detail: don't add too much salt. The saltiness of the ham already imparts its salty flavor to the dish, so keep that in mind.

Another dish, for example, is pizza. In this case, you can do the same with the ham as you did with the croquettes and pasta: fry it. However, it's not necessary. If you want to include it fried, you can do so in the pan, but if you prefer, you can also place the slices of cured ham directly on the pizza dough and wait for them to cook with the heat of the oven. As you can see, the decision to fry the ham or not is up to you; we recommend not frying it!


Cook or Fry Ham


Why Do We Recommend Not Frying Ham?

As we've seen, ham can be fried and cooked; however, at Enrique Tomás, we have something to say: it's best enjoyed cured! To savor all its flavor, all you have to do is open one of our vacuum-sealed packs, let the ham breathe, place it on some bread toast with olive oil, and you're ready! Or if you prefer, accompany it with some picos sevillanos, you'll love it!

Buy ham and enjoy it in all its glory!

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