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Enrique Tomas in America

In 2016, a part of the family that we are at Enrique Tomás went to Mexico to open the first of our stores in the American continent, specifically in Plaza Miyana, Mexico City.

The welcome was so warm, and the acceptance so successful by both the new employees and Mexican customers that, in just 4 years, the Enrique Tomás family has been growing and continues to do so. The effort of a few has now become the pride of many, starting with Enrique Tomás himself, the founder.

The experience of taking this giant step across the Atlantic has far exceeded any forecasts or expectations. Therefore, now the family is encouraged to try its luck in other countries on this great continent. If the new adventure is half as satisfying as it has been in Mexico, we will be satisfied because it will already be a great achievement. Shortly, we will also open in Peru, Argentina, and the USA.

Let us give you all the details!

Enrique Tomás Mexico

If there's one thing that defines us as a company, it's our desire to bring Iberian ham to every corner of the world and introduce the joy of this gastronomic experience to every corner of the planet.

So when the idea of landing in Mexico was presented to us, it was something we wanted to do. However, making the decision was not easy, as it was a significant commercial undertaking. Nevertheless, we had wonderful people who now form the executive arm of Enrique Tomás in Mexico. Initially, they were just a few, and today, with nearly a hundred people, we have already established 9 stores throughout the country. And we're going for three more!

Our store concept is dual: on one hand, it's a food market where you can purchase our products, ham pieces, Iberian sliced products, and other gourmet items, and on the other, it's a tasting bar where you can sit down and enjoy menus featuring Iberian ham, assorted Iberian products, cheeses, Spanish wines, and much more.

ENRIQUE TOMÁS: HAM, TAPAS, WINE is how we are known in Mexico, like a piece of Spain in this country. We feel that our gastronomy, with our flagship product, ham, is highly cherished and valued here. What more can we ask for!

Our Stores in Mexico

In Mexico City, we have four stores in different shopping centers:

  • Plaza Miyana (Polanco)
  • Plaza Carso (Polanco)
  • Plaza Samara (Santa Fe)
  • Liverpool insurgentes

One in Cancun

  • Puerto Cancun

One in Guadalajara

  • The Landmark

Two in Monterrey

  • Plaza Arboleda
  • Punto Valle (opening soon)

Two in Queretaro

  • Paseo Queretaro
  • Plaza Antea

One in Toluca

  • Metepec

Enrique Tomás stores in Mexico

New Openings in America

Hand in hand with the Mexico team and eager to continue the American adventure, Enrique Tomás is expanding the family even more:


With the desire to continue bringing ham to other countries on this incredible and vast continent, and after the highly positive experience in Mexico, we have decided to extend the Enrique Tomás family to none other than the gastronomic capital of America, Lima.

Our great admiration for Lima's cuisine and Peruvian cuisine in general has led us to want to be part of such richness and cultural diversity in the gastronomic offerings of the ceviche capital. Lima is a destination that attracts lovers of good food, and it would be an honor for our ham and Iberian flavors to find a place among the wide culinary offerings. Our store will open in May 2019, in Jockey Plaza, Lima.

Opening soon in Lima


Argentina is also a priority on our Latin American list. We share a strong connection with this country, and many Argentinians have been asking us to open a store there. We are already working on it, so we will soon be able to tell you where it will be.


We plan to open our first store in Dallas, Texas, this year. We hope to overcome all trade barriers to bring our ham to the USA and bring joy to many citizens who ask us every day when we will land.

We're getting closer!

If you live in any of these countries, you can already enjoy the best ham in the world, delicious tapas, and Spanish wine. And if we haven't reached you yet, don't worry, we're working on it! If you don't know us yet, you will soon.

See you soon!

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