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Can you eat ham during Lent?

We are in a secular state with a Catholic tradition, and that still leads to the celebration of many Christian holidays and customs today. You've probably heard that during Lent, you can't eat meat, but what about Iberian ham? Can you eat ham during Lent? 

What Can You Eat During Lent and What Can't You?

Lent refers to the forty-day period leading up to one of Christianity's major celebrations: Easter Sunday, which commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends in the early hours of Easter Sunday. While indulging in food is common during these days, many people exclude meat from their menus.

According to Christian tradition, you cannot eat any type of meat, including Iberian ham, on Fridays during the Lenten period, as well as on Holy Wednesday. During these dates, many replace meat in their meals with fish such as cod or tuna. These are common foods during this time, as are stews, boiled dishes, or legumes.

Those who choose to follow this tradition opt for dishes like lentils (without chorizo or ham, of course), boiled potatoes, carrots, and onions, among other vegetables, grilled tuna or salmon with salad or similar dishes. Dishes that prominently feature meat, such as stew or baked rice, are excluded. But beyond these preparations,

What are the typical bites of Lent and Easter? More than dishes, they're desserts!

Easter mona
Easter Mona


Easter Sweets

The Easter mona, whether with boiled and decorated eggs or chocolate eggs, is one of the most common treats during these days, but is it the only one? Of course not! From Andalusia, the famous torrijas (French toast) and pestiños (honey-coated pastries) are well-known. The former is made from stale bread with cinnamon, lemon, and milk, and is another typical sweet of these days, just like leche frita (fried milk), which is especially popular in the Valencia region.

Buñuelos (fritters) are another typical sweet, and depending on the autonomous community you're in, you'll enjoy them in different ways. Additionally, in Catalonia, you'll find buñuelos de aire (airy fritters) and rosquillas (doughnuts), while Andalusia is known for huesos de santo (saint's bones) and other desserts made from marzipan. As you can see, Spanish cuisine is rich and diverse, so now that you know you can't eat Iberian ham or sausages during Lent, you have plenty of alternatives!


Lent fritters
Lenten Fritters

Once these dates have passed, you can enjoy ham, chorizo, salchichón, or loin without any guilt! Buy ham at one of our stores or through the Enrique Tomás website, and savor a top-quality product! If you pair it with bread and extra virgin olive oil, no one can resist!

It's worth the wait! You'll see!

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