enrique tomas telecinco

Enrique Tomás on Telecinco, today on the Ana Rosa program.

Today, Enrique Tomás appeared on the Ana Rosa show, and here's what they're saying about us:

"In the midst of an economic crisis, Enrique Tomás has achieved business success. Currently, he has 60 ham stores and plans to open 25 new stores this year. "The crisis closes some doors and opens others because without this crisis, accessing certain types of locations would be unthinkable," says Enrique Tomás, who is about to open a store in London.

You can also watch the video here:

Link: https://www.telecinco.es/elprogramadeanarosa/2014/mayo/05-05-2014/enrique-tomas-triunfa-plena-crisis-y-tiene-60-tiendas-jamon_18_1790805083.html


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